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In Topic: I Have Found The Cure For Scars I Think Please Read

08 March 2014 - 01:07 PM



Read this also.

In Topic: Daily 30 Minute Massages On Face Eradicates Scars?

03 March 2014 - 11:58 AM

Hi panos,


First of all I have read some of your posts and I loved them.


Did you read my thread? 

Well, no one does.


This is not as simple as that but you're right. Everything changes, almost everything heals. Acne scars are so "small" in the body context. I'm sure there are worse scars than this!


Our body is sometimes so simple and awesome and sometimes it is so sh*tty. I'm healthy but I can't solve my only illness - scars. Couldn't the body just focus in that only task?

I know man.I am there.

Since going vegan my wound healing has gone extremely slow on the body.I do believe a wound is also a method of the body to expel fluid(from the acids of the

previous diet) so i am waiting for the full detox.Its like internal fluid is being carried from deeper tissue up to the surface.Meat and junk diet was killing me.

My face now is more vibrant and healthy.


The more you think something about your scars,it seems like the more you block your healing methods.

The cells carry the intelligence to heal themselves .You cut your skin and it heals without command it to do so.

So i suggest we and our enviroment that is being made by us are blocking our cells from doing their own job.


The more you desire something,the more you lose it.And even if you acquire it then you completely forget about it.

Thats a fail.I had scars that some of them have dramatically reduced and are being reduced day by day,but when they are not even there,

i forget about them.I forget how many times they have made me miserable.I had large pores completely disappeared and forget about them.

Because they arent there.Only the abstinence of healthy skin makes you conscious.When its there you forget and act like it was never a scar there before.


So we just have to deny the ''YOU''. When we reject ourselves and focus our energy 

on others and other things in life,then everything falls in place.

Remember the eyes are deceivers.Dont waste your energy on mirrors too much.Enjoy life 

and just do your part aka diet,llifestyle and the methods that you like and are effective.

And even then,just enjoy those methods .


Please redirect me to this thread so i can chime in.

Btw i am into abstaining from masturbation for 79 days ,not a wise choice due to the androgen 

production which may cause acne..But then again if i want a natural life ,i have to be natural.

Great for the skin.Dark circles under eyes are not even there.Disappeared.

In Topic: Daily 30 Minute Massages On Face Eradicates Scars?

03 March 2014 - 10:51 AM

EVerything will regenerate.The thing is who can keep a really clean lifestyle in this world?

Who can eat organic fruits and veggies for the rest of his life considering what we eat in our society?Not that easy?
Who has the money for it?Not everybody

Who will put shower filter?ANother problem

Who will drink only pure clean water?Another one

Who will massage a scar for 30 minutes a day?


Its that simple: Get the bad stuuf out and put the good in.Aka diet and lifestyle.

And put some shea butter or cocoa butter on the scars before you sleep  if it doesnt break you out the last.

Change the pillow case everyday/other day or put different towels on top of the pillows.


Fruits have the power to heal scars.Especially avocados(but not too much of them) ,pineapple and oranges.

THe diet should be unlimited carbs from fruits and greens.Eat till you are satisfied and your skin will clear but can go through

a detox.


Once the bad stuff is out the skin will start to regenerate.Grains clog my lymph system and give me dry skin.Oils especially cooked give me oily skin.

Dairy is mucous forming and clogs.Just avoid the bad stuff.

In Topic: I Have Found The Cure For Scars I Think Please Read

26 November 2013 - 03:48 PM

Niacin makes the body panic and big doses of it cause hair loss.

Also consider the possibility of bringing bad stuff from inside to the outside and overwhelm the skin 

thus inflaming it.

In Topic: I Have Found The Cure For Scars I Think Please Read

26 November 2013 - 04:57 AM

Zavvi i have seen the guy you mention on another site that i really trust and following the general philosophy

so it cant be bad.

The herbs will either do these kind of stuff

-promote circulation to the area

-feed the skin

-break the protein that consists the scar.


Circulation is king when it comes ot everything in health.

Clean blood that circulates.