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Male With Makeup And Acne

02 August 2013 - 01:05 AM

Do your parents often give you the speech of acne will go away and it does t matter or it doesn't look that bad... I get it all the time for one and it makes me really mad. Personally, I've had it for so long as a male that I have even resulted to using concealers just about every time I go in public. This factor had gotten my mom thinking I'm crazy and even gay. I am none of he sort though, never had a girlfriend yet due to me being shy with acne filling my mind. No I'm not bad looking either because I get good smiles all the time when I'm wearing concealer, but underneath it I feel fake. I'd just like to remove that feeling and go back to normal so bad.  Anyways, I just felt like saying that. Anyone feel similar or got some stories?

8% Aha And 70% Solution Mixture, Used Too Much?

09 June 2013 - 06:15 AM

I went to walgreens and bought their brand of AHA with 8%. I read online that it cures red marks from post acne. This has been my major problem is that every time I get a pimple the red mark lasts for weeks to months and and this point it looks like I have terrible acne, when its just like 15+ red marks spotted over my face. Anyways, I was excited with the cream and I applied it from the morning to late night around 7pm. I put decent sized "dime" dabs over all the red marks and the fading ones. I applied the NEW dabs every 1-2 Hours for about 10 hours. I woke up now and all the spots and faded ones are EXTREMELY red, like they just had a pimple there or something terrible happened. IDK what to do now.




Q: Can some one explain to me what happened?



Q: What do I do now, stop the product, use it less, use new product?



Q: If I applied it too much, how do I apply it in the future.



PS: I'm currently on accutane with a mixture of dry skin.

Accutane Or Diet Causing Excessive Gas?

28 March 2013 - 06:14 AM

Been on accutane for almost 27 days now. Never had any gas problems ever. My diet Usually consists of apples, pears, oranges, bannanas, beef, protein shakes, eggs. I've been following this diet for a long time now and I never had any gas problems, BUT recently I switched up my diet for the past 3-4 days (When this problem began I believe) to eating about 20 or SO bannas a day + eating some beef, protein shakes and 2 eggs. Now I pass gas every few minutes or so. It's really getting on the annoying side and I'm worried. Is it from accutane causing IBS? Or is it from the diet. I really don't want to stop tane cause its doing me wonders.

Liver Test = Prevent Accutane?

28 February 2013 - 01:16 PM



I was given 40mg of accutane 1 day ago. I was VERY excited. First time, I've ever been happy in the past few years. I was suppose to go on a 5 month path way of it, but I got a call from my derm this morning and I need to show up 3 days from now for a blood redraw. My last one was 100, from when it should have been 47 normally. My diet consists of: LOTS of bannas/Oranges, Few veggies, Ground turkey, 2 eggs, Protein Shake. I never Drink, smoke. I take vitamins Normally, but I stopped the day I got accutane. I don't understand what is happening and I'm very worried that my hard work to get on tane is going to die because of this stupid blood test.



How can I lower the count for the next 3 days and do it FAST?

My First Accutane Log

28 February 2013 - 10:38 AM



Name: Michael

Age: 19

Edu: College (First year)

Acne Level: Low to Moderate ( Sometime Cystic, but rarly since I changed my diet)

Past treatments: S. acid, BP, Doxy Cyc, Joba Scrubs, Aloe Gel, BHA, AHA

Hobbies: Cooking, Weight Lifting, Eating food, Games.

Accutane Start: 2/28/13

Accutane End: N/A




Why Accutane?

 I've not tried  basic treatments for acne from the derm because of the sheer cost, thus I've invested the little money I have into the one treatment that is suppose to work.


How has Acne Affected me personally?

I've had the acne since early middle school. It was never really a major problem back then, but as I got older it changed a lot and got worse to the point that I began to worry about it more than school and friends. I've stayed in doors often and I do try to keep in and stick online at times that I can. Acne has overall killed my self confidence with woman, reduced my motivation to work out and lift wights, Affected how often I show up to college and the list can go one forever.


Bodybuilding Info/About me? (interesting read)

Let me start with some basic knowlege in BB. It requires Nutrition and the ability to never give up. Those are the two key factors that make muscle grow and thrive. BB requires in nutrition a lot of food in order to grow, this is called a surplus. Meaning that you wil be gaining weight, a mixture of fat and muscle fiber. There is no way to gain muscle, without gaining fat. I've always held a good "ability to never give up", but acne is the ONE thing that has caused me to skip my routine work outs. I've always gone to the gym during headaches, pains and survived everything, but acne is that one sheer factor that kills me. Now for nutrition, A surplus of food is needed, Meaning I must eat a certain amount of calories (energy) every day in order to grow. The calories are derived from the 3 Main nutrients: Fats, Carbs, Proteins. Most people Bulk (Gain surplus) on carbs, which mainly come from fruits, veggies, grains and dairy. Bulking on Carbs is the best because of the inexpensive cost and the food is great and it is one of the best fuels for lifting. Fats, They are a 'older' version of energy for our body. People do not mainly use fats as a fuel source, this is usually a last restort. Fueling the body on fats will result in a state of Ketosis or fat burning, this is a major help in the weight loss process. Protein, This is the WORST fuel source for the body. It is required to repair muscle tissue and it should not be used as energy. Do not ever bulk on protein. The body chooses which of these 3 fuels sources to use. It picks accordingly to which has been ingested the most. It is best to find out which you have ingested the most by keeping food logs.


Acne and my diet?

Acne seems to be affected by my diet. I've tried many diffrent test foods for months.


~First Diet: Eating Less of random Foods.

Why: Less food = Less energy = Less sebum = Less acne

Result: Improved skin, but very tired and non happy mood.


~Second Diet: Bulking ( eating lots) of Meat/Fats.

Why: More Meats/Fats = Less Carbs/Sugar = Less stress on insulin = Less acne

Result: Very little Cystic Acne, but acne still remains (Minor)


~Third Diet: Bulking on Fruits/Veggies.

Why: More Fruits/Veggies = Helps skin improve? = Lots of high carbs/Sugar = More acne

Result: Acne seems to be worse, I'm not sure how people say these foods help. Maybe Moderation was the key.



* I've kept a food log for everything I've eaten for the past year. This diet is how it affects me, it may not be the same for you.




Path way:


-5 Month Total-


-Month1: 40Mg (1 Pill)

-Month2: 60Mg (3 Pills)

-Month3: 80Mg (2 pills)

-Month4: 80Mg (2 pills)

-Month5: 80Mg ( 2 pills)

-Month6: 40Mg ( 1 Pill)

-Month7: Chemical Peel for redness and left over


Overall Result: N/A



Quick Summary:



Slow month. Failed first Blood test, but passed the second. Acne was "semi" bad at first, but it took about a few weekes to clear that up. Got maybe 5 Pimples total as IB during the month and thats it. The pimples went away within days, but the red marks lasted about 1-2 weeks, which is annoying, but its alright. The end of the month I'm currently looking my best and clear!! TY 40Mg