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#3375587 Anyone Have Huge Fear Of Future Pimple?

Posted by omgmike4 on 17 August 2013 - 12:17 PM

Yep. I usually don't wake up in the morning with a new pimple, but it happens to me after the shower. At the end of the day I hop out of the shower and before I even try myself off, I check the mirror to make sure the concealer is off and see if anything new poped up. If its just red, I'm like its ok, but if its a new one, then ALL I WANT TO DO is stay home all day the next morning and apply creams to heal it and check it every 2 hours or so. Ughh.. Drives me through the wall man.


PS: I find it funny im reading this because I just got 3 TINY new pimples near my mouth and cheek and im in mental rage mode right now, trying to figure out the cause. ex: new spice I used last night? Rushed my gym workout with lots of sweat? ect...

#3313264 No-Low Carb Diet + No Sugar

Posted by omgmike4 on 25 December 2012 - 07:44 PM

Diet consists of: No Sugar, No Carbs or Very Little.

Examples of what I eat: Cheese, All Fat Meats, Olive Oil, Eggs, Walnuts ect..

Q: I've been on this diet and I eat around 20g of Carbs a day with like 5g of Sugar. My Acne is basically removed itself and I just get very tiny pimples every now and then. I like the way it has cleared up, but I Cannot sustain this diet.

-Less Energy ( I work out at the gym almost every day to build muscle)
-V E R Y   expensive
-Tired of eating SAME thing every day.
-Greasy food = Greasy Face?

-Less Acne

Q: Also, Every one says go visit the Dermo. I'm 19 and living on a college budget, with a mom who is barely supportive of me ridding acne. How can I possibly just "visit" the dermo. Seriously. People say it like its a free Bee walk in and out, but its so costly.

Q: Will accutane help me and is it worth it? I want to eat carbs again without fear of break outs :(