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In Topic: Anyone Have Huge Fear Of Future Pimple?

17 August 2013 - 12:17 PM

Yep. I usually don't wake up in the morning with a new pimple, but it happens to me after the shower. At the end of the day I hop out of the shower and before I even try myself off, I check the mirror to make sure the concealer is off and see if anything new poped up. If its just red, I'm like its ok, but if its a new one, then ALL I WANT TO DO is stay home all day the next morning and apply creams to heal it and check it every 2 hours or so. Ughh.. Drives me through the wall man.


PS: I find it funny im reading this because I just got 3 TINY new pimples near my mouth and cheek and im in mental rage mode right now, trying to figure out the cause. ex: new spice I used last night? Rushed my gym workout with lots of sweat? ect...

In Topic: Kids And Acne

15 August 2013 - 12:30 AM

Kids believe anything. Instead of calling it a disease, you shoulda said something unrealistic, that would get it off topic or something. Although, this would be a entirely different story when it comes to 15+ years old kids I suppose.

In Topic: Impossible To Date With Bad Acne

15 August 2013 - 12:22 AM

I dug up this post just because of what I saw today at my gym.



I was doing my usual routine and I came over to this guy who was in my spot. He was bent down doing sit ups, but as I got closer to him I saw his face. He had acne really bad. I just asked him how many sets he had left and he said his girl friend was doing a few more, but I didn't see her at the time. Anyways, I left and came back and I saw his girlfriend who looked like a 'model' type girl and to me looked flawless. I was stunned. This guy was not muscular, just skinny and tall and had our curse, but he seemed to be doing great. I was shocked and this made me think for a few because I struggled to get a girl friend too. Not so much because of acne, but more of shyness, regardless the acne only pushed me down lower in that path, I just thought I'd share this story. I hope whoever that guy was will keep enjoying his great life and I hope everything works out for him in the end. :)

In Topic: Male With Makeup And Acne

02 August 2013 - 09:53 AM

Yea. Too bad the ignorant person is my family. She acts like she cares so much about me, but when I really need parents for support such as things like acne, they just tend to flaw out. It really gets on my nerves. If you never had acne as a child (She didnt), then you really don't know how bothering and life tempering it can really be. On the side note, when I get kids, I'd give them a lot more attention to smaller things like this. It really makes a difference in the long run.

In Topic: 8% Aha And 70% Solution Mixture, Used Too Much?

09 June 2013 - 08:17 PM