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18 September 2013 - 10:23 PM




been a while but i just got a new zit on cheek. possible ones near lip too. the one near cheek has a small head. i havent seen a head pimple for a long time. im getting worried now... is tane wearing out..........?

In Topic: My First Accutane Log

09 September 2013 - 11:58 PM





SMall spot on top part of nose. Possibly one near left side of nose. Well see how it fairs over night :(

In Topic: My First Accutane Log

08 September 2013 - 11:31 AM




since I'm done with tane I prob should stop this log, but I feel like I should still post till I'm almost fully cured. Hmm.. I'll think about it. Anyways, last night I got 3 New spots. All of them tiny and red, but I hope they go away. I zeno them and covered them up. Well see how it goes. Still waiting on next month derm app for chem peels. Well see... now time to figure out chem HW>

In Topic: Men Can Wear Makeup Too!

01 September 2013 - 08:40 PM

I use it often, I'm a guy, I would not admit to it though. Only my parents know about it and if I had a girlfriend I suppose I'd tell her too. Other than that I feel no matter how hard u try its still going to be looked down by the vast majority of society in general. Regardless, makeup does wonders. Easily makes a person look great within minutes.

What makeup are you using?
Did you buy it at the counter?






I don't over do it. I just use regular concealer. I dont go beyond that. Look up Loreal true match concealer. It comes in a bottle. cost around 10 bucks at the drugstore. If u wanna buy it go at night. Usually only 1 cashier there and just do it quick. I just use it over the red spots on my skin. If I get a bump I usually use a band aid on it with some sort of acne figting meds under it. I look weird, but havent had much negative results.

In Topic: My First Accutane Log

01 September 2013 - 08:35 PM




Derm didnt prescribe me jack. Gave me this stuff called "epiduo". It doesnt help at all. Its 2.5% BP. Waste of a derm trip for me. I still need redness removed and I guess its going to happen during a peel. Next month though according to him. Tanes over now. FUnny cause The one day I stopped taking a pill I get 2 new zits. One is basically red and gone, but the other is a CYST. i havent had one of these in forever. Seriously. it just makes me furious about that. Rage mode on please.