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Have To Eat Carbs/grains. What Is 'best'

18 December 2012 - 07:45 PM

I need to eat 4k+ cals/day to gain muscle, and it would go broke eating just chicken...  I've been trying to commit to a low-inflammatory/low omega 6 diet (cut out peanut butter, peanuts, fast food, processed food/snacks, milk, limiting sugar).  Next up is carbs.  Staple carbs in my diet have been:

white rice
white potatoes
sweet potatoes
hamburger/hotdog rolls

what can I change (not eliminate) to benefit my diet?  I'm confused on what is exactly bad (or worse) - the grains themselves or gluten, or something else?  

The first recipe in this thread looks great to me (no knead bread).  Is this 'OK'?


Snacks Low In Omega 6

13 December 2012 - 03:32 PM

Hi, I recently found about the whole o3/o6 balance thing and have been re-evaluating my diet.  Peanuts were always a staple for me, but I found that they are really high in o6 so I cut them out / swapped with macadamia nuts.  Also going to switch to o3 enhanced eggs and use coconut oil instead of olive, and I'm taking fish oil now (also going to look into how much canned salmon costs for more o3).  I'm looking for some other snack type foods that are low in omega 6.  It seems all packaged snack foods are apparently bathed in oil, even pretzels are pretty high... any suggestions?