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The Beginning Of The End. Starting Accutane.

18 January 2013 - 04:49 AM

So today is the day that after alot of consideration i start accutane. Mainly making this log for my own benefit so i can track stuff easier down the line but maybe it will be of use to someone else on here so here we go!

Acne runs in the family. My mum especially had a big battle with cystic acne right through her teens to early twenties. So it was no surprise that i have problems with Acne. I have had it ever since i was 12/13 which was just teenage spots which i controlled with over the counter Oxy/Clearasil stuff. It escalated and by the time i was 14/15 i was dealing with large under skin mosqutio bite spots which i found hard to control. I then went to the doctor and was prescribed a large number of antibiotics/topicals/washes which never did the trick.

I managed to get this under control at 16 as i found a skincare routine that worked for me. I took Lymecycline daily and I coated my face in Benzoyl Peroxide (Panoxyl) and then put moisturiser over the top. Twice a day. This made my skin very dry but manageable. This kept me clear but maybe once a month i would get a large spot which was under the skin still big. Just dealable. I went to a NHS dermatologist about this “one big cyst” pattern in 2009 but he just said my face was fine.

It was all fine and i carried on doing this until i was 20. My acne had calmed down so much that i didnt have to keep taking lymecycline i could just do the routine once a day. Then in April 2012, I noticed that instead of just one every once in a while more and more big cystic spots were coming through the routine and it wasnt having as much effect as it was before. I went back to the doctor to get back on antibiotics and was put on Doxycycline to help.
Then probably the best timing in the world, Panoxyl was then discontinued in May 2012. So i went cold turkey and everything was fine for a few weeks until my acne progressively came back worse and worse which i tried to control naturally/ with over the counter products until in September my acne was so bad that i went back onto the original skincare routine i did initially. Ordering a Panxoyl alternative from america (acne.org regimen)

This routine now for some reason my skin wont respond to and isn’t helping like it did previously. It just makes my skin really red raw, itchy and dry, because of that my acne is still just getting worse and worse. Its like for some reason my acne has developed and is now majority all under skin but all over my face.

I lead a very active lifestyle. I cycle to work every day and walk around all day when i am at work. I workout 4-5 times a week and my diet reflects this. Because of how i want results from the gym i eat a very clean diet with plenty of meat and clean vegetables. I have tried cutting out Dairy and Gluten to no avail. I never eat fast food and completely avoid sugar as a rule of thumb except in fruit. I have good hygiene and shower regularly but only wash my face twice a day to reduce irritation.

It has really affected my self esteem and i wake up in the morning dreading what i have to deal with today. I dread going outside and facing people or seeing friends. With a trip to the hairdressers or the convenience shop being something i have to build up a load of confidence to do. Work has been a nightmare recently and i find myself segregating myself from everyone in an empty office. My job is very public and circles around being very confident and good at dealing with newpeople which is difficult when i have no self esteem. There have been times when i cant actually wear my hat at work because of my acne as it causes me so much pain.

- I missed an award ceremony i was due to attend at work because i didnt want to get up on stage infront of a crowd to accept my award and then deal with a camera.
- I grew a beard to hide my jawline area as best i can
- I avoid my friends/people in general trying to stay inside as best i can
- I recently passed all of my assessments for my dream job and will be starting in May. This is a childhood dream which i am not excited about at all because i am dreading starting with this face and not to be able to be as confident as i normally am and excel as i should do.
- Colleagues/friends have noticed a change in my behaviour, im not the outgoing/ confident/chatty guy anymore. Just the guy who stares at the floor and excludes himself.

Here is everything that i tried that i can remember prior to going on Accutane
- Erythromycin
- Tetracycline
- Lymecycline
- Doxycycline
- Flucloxacillin
- Zineryt
- Quinoderm
- Panxoyl
- Duac
- Acne.org benzoyl peroxide
- Clerasil
- Oxy on the spot
- Neutrogena on the spot
- Freederm
- Retin-A
Natural side of things
- Zinc
- Multivitamins
- B5
- Tea tree oil
- Green tea
- Every face wash/moisturiser under the sun.

So i decided i needed to get this under control so i could get my life back, after venting to family i realise how much of an obsession my skin had got to and how big of an impact it was having on my life. I was basically hinging around skin quality day to day. So i went back to the GP who just wanted to put me on topical Zineryt, even though this did nothing for me previously and refused to give me an NHS referral as i had one previously 3 years ago. So i saved up some money and decided to go to a private dermatologist (UK) which for me was a big step. I walked in and she was really nice had a brief chat with me and then immediately recommended Roaccutane and was severely annoyed the NHS had refused it for me 3 years ago. She thought it was ridiculous i was spending life savings on clearing my skin, as i dont have insurance, so referred me to herself on the NHS. She let me start the treatment there and then and handed me my prescription, asking me to get some bloods done through my GP in the next week or so. So i only had to pay £300 for the consultation and initial round of meds which for me is a bonus as i was expecting it to be near to £1500.

So today is Day 1 i just took my first pill this morning and we shall see how it goes! I am planning to continue doing the regimen for the first week once a day using minimal BP just to minimise the dreaded initial breakout and to overlap the two courses of treatment.

I am on half dose for the first 2 months, 20mg twice a day (40mg ED)

Roll on clear skin!



I have tried to find a picture of my skin to add to the beginning of the log but didnt take a picture. Instead i have  attached a picture of my skin just before Accutane when it was at its worst. may not look too bad because of rubbish webcam pictures but at this point all the red marks are big under skin cysts. I could wear a hat at work and couldn't even raise my eyebrows without causing a considerable amount of pain.



Quit The Regimen. Now Having Trouble Getting Back Onto It. Advice?

03 January 2013 - 06:28 PM

So i used to do the regimen once a day for about 3 years or so and then stopped in summer to see if i had outgrown it. Biggest mistake ever.

So 3 months later my face is the worst it has been and now looks like a pizza and i am trying to get back on the regimen but am having problems.

I start the regimen only using BP at night and the minimal amount and get good results but then about a week or two in i get the reddest rash which appears to be similar to a chemical burn, it stings to apply BP and then i breakout in BIG red underskin spots.

I then take a week off and then try again but seem to be going back in circles.

Any ideas or advice people?

I dont recall having any problems first time round. Only difference is i am using Dans BP instead of Panoxyl as it is now discontinued :( :( :(

Does Using Too Much Bp Cause Breakouts?

28 December 2012 - 04:40 AM

Hello, I'm new here and just need a quick question answered.

I used to have clear skin and used panoxyl bit this was discontinued, I then started the regimen and it didn't work for me. Caused severe red flaking/weeping skin which looked like a minor chemical burn and big big cystic breakouts.

Now I thought this might be me being allergic to the new bp having been off panoxyl for 6 months(and struggling)

But thinking about it, could it be how much bp I was using? Dan says 2 pumps which is apparently roughly 4ml twice a day 8ml. But when I used panoxyl a 40ml tube lasted a month which is just over a ml an application( I only applied at night)

Could this be why my skin got so bad? And broke out In cysts.

I ask because I have since stopped and my skin has healed, bar the acne ( tea tree oil doesn't do much ) and am debating trying the regimen again.

I have sensitive skin.

Appreciate the help team!


Initial Breakout Questions. Help Help Help.

22 December 2012 - 12:23 PM

New member here. 21, male, uk

I used to use the DKR for a number of years with great success. I stopped at the start of the year for fear of over-ageing my skin. I had clear skin for a few months but then acne came back. After trying every normal minor acne treatment my acne got worse and worse so i decided to go back on the DKR after 6 months of being off it.

Week 1 was fine, seeing improvements.
Week 2 was horrendous, red flaky skin with a big breakout.
Week 3 was improving
Week 4 Just had another big big breakout of cysts all over my forehead.

My question is should i expect a number of breakouts? and how long will it last until they stop?

Before going back on the DKR my acne was bad but only irritating, more medium sized pus filled spots in areas of my face. Now its big sore red spots which are under the top skin and all over my forehead. I dont want to leave the house and dread work. It's like the BP has turned all of my acne Cystic.

I expected an initial "purge" but not for months and months

Should i press on with the regimen? or go back to neat Tea Tree Oil?

Please help me i could really use the advice.

I'm Fed Up Of All This. I Need Some Advice And Help Please. (Pictures)

13 December 2012 - 06:02 PM

So here's the whole story. I used to have quite bad acne on my jawline as a teenager growing up but by following the regimen it was controlled and went away to only 1 or 2 spots at a time. Which i could live with quite happily and did for a few years.

Im now 21 and have and keep getting continual breakouts just on my forehead and i don't know what is causing it.

In May '12 Panoxyl (BP in the UK) was discontinued so i decided to attempt to see how i was without it and went on a course of Doxycycline. I was fine for a number of months and then spots began to come back, with a vengeance.

I am back on the regimen and have been for a few weeks, but for some reason using dan's BP has completely ruined my skin. It's red raw flaky and i keep breaking out in huge spots which are hard and painful. But you say to press on so i am with no avail.

I don't know what happened to my acne to make it so resistant to anything. Its doing my head in. My job is about as public as it gets and i need confidence to do well. Its really getting to me recently and i have very low self esteem. Missing out on social activities and dreading going to work. Just wanting to hide in my flat.

Its not diet - I go to the gym and look after myself and eat really really clean.
Im very hygenic and cleanse properly
I tried cutting out milk - no improvement.
I cut out protein shakes - no improvement
Lymecycline - Nothing
Doxycycline - Still on it just doesnt seem to do much
Erythromycin - Nothing
Tetracycline - Nothing
Tea tree oil - nothing
Quinoderm - nothing
Dan's BP - Should in theory work but i keep breaking out.

I even started drinking green tea to no avail

I don't know what to do. Im fed up of it all. So i have a few questions for you all.

1) How severe is my acne? Pimples/papules/cysts?
2) If i get to a derm in the UK would i be laughed at for asking for accutane?
3) Should i be pressing on with the regimen despite my red lizard skin face?
4) Is the regimen for me?

Really appreciate the help. I need it. I'm losing the plot Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image