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In Topic: Quit The Regimen. Now Having Trouble Getting Back Onto It. Advice?

04 January 2013 - 01:07 PM

Thanks for the reply, should i just truck through it? It doesnt seem to be getting any better since i started in late November. Im beginning to get very depressed and sad about my face in general. Tempted just to shell out for accutane on private :( :(

In Topic: Quit The Regimen. Now Having Trouble Getting Back Onto It. Advice?

04 January 2013 - 09:13 AM

Added some photos so people can give me some opinions.

Here is me 23rd december when i was doing the regimen twice a day slapping on the BP about 4 weeks into the regimen. Rookie mistake Posted Image Skin was very red an irritated and broke out in cysts. Which i never had a problem with before!!!

Posted Image

I then quit the regimen for a week and used tea tree oil. My skin tone recovered but the cysts that had been going down on the regimen were reactivating.
Posted Image

I then went back onto the regimen once a day using a small amount of BP and moisturiser at night and moisturiser with a drop of Tea Tree Oil in it in the daytime. This is me today, but my face seems to be quite red and on the way to how irritated it was last time.

Posted Image

Should i press on with the regimen?? Does my skin look improved?? I'm kinda obsessed with it so fail to see it all objectively. Red marks Everywheeeyyyeeerrre

In Topic: Am I Starting Too Fast?

29 December 2012 - 03:44 AM

I would go as slow as you can. I was caking it on for the first few weeks. Good results! My face was going red but i ignored it because people said it was normal... until i got a mild chemical burn, my skin was weeping and looked blotchy and sunburnt. This came hand in hand with cystic breakouts, which i rarely get before.  

A month later my face has kind of recovered and i am starting as slow as i can. Thin layer of BP once a day and then go from there in a months time.

I even used BP for 4 years every day before starting the regimen. So go slow! Maybe even have a few days off if your skin is going red and irritated it never helps you in the long run.

In Topic: I'm Fed Up Of All This. I Need Some Advice And Help Please. (Pictures)

14 December 2012 - 05:01 AM

Basically, your forehead skin is a great representation of what mine was.  You say you eat a clean diet, and i'd be interested to hear what you include/exclude.  

Bowl of cereal with milk or porridge made with water
Glass water
Toast with margarine
Cup of green tea

Pasta with homemade sauce made with chopped tomatoes, herbs, onion, tuna, sweetcorn.

A portion of meat  either chicken breast/steak/pork chop
Vegetables  either salad potatoes/green beans/sweet potato/peas
Carbs either brown rice/mashed potato

Or a one pot wonder like chilli/spaghetti bolognese which i made up with a number of vegetables from scratch.

Handful of peanuts
and after a workout - cottage cheese with raisins or natural yoghurt with honey and a glass of milk

I don't deviate from this, i don't eat fast food or chocolate or processed ready meals. I may have a cup of instant coffee once a day but thats it.

In Topic: Help! I Don't Know What Happened!

09 December 2012 - 04:16 AM

Is it possible that this is because I used to use the regimen day in day out and had under control clear skin. I then came off of it and wasn't happy with my face so have gone back onto it 5 months later.

Is this big breakout just like starting the regimen all over again? Obliterating my skin until it gets used to it and pushing out all of my blemishes from way under my skin all in one go?

In other words should I just hack it out?