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Missing Doses

23 September 2014 - 03:18 PM

I've tried looking for answers to this but the responses have been pretty varied - some people say missing up to a week won't mess anything up, while other comments have been like "miss two days and you're fucked".


I'm currently a few days shy of 4 complete months into Accutane - September 26th will mark the beginning of month 5. I'm 95lbs, female and on 40mg/day. I'm on my last pill today, and I've scheduled to see my derm next Monday, so I'm going to be missing almost a week of Accutane. The last time I saw my derm he said my course would be 4-6 months, so depending on how the next appointment goes, I may be done with Accutane already, but in case I'm continuing, would missing a week of medication affect me in any way?


My acne has gone pretty much completely at this point and aside from the scars, I seem to have "normal people skin" now, but personally I would prefer taking at least another month of Accutane - my acne had been quite stubborn and persistent prior to Accutane so I don't feel comfortable only doing a 4 month course, as I hear there's a higher chance of the acne coming back on a shorter course.


But yeah, main question: how bad would missing a week of medication mess up my course at this point? 

Enlarged Pores From Accutane?

18 August 2014 - 02:35 PM

I am almost 3 months into my Accutane treatment, and in general my acne has improved (though I still get the occasional pimple and get break outs when I'm on my period), however I noticed that the texture of my skin is just terrible these days. My skin around the acne used to be very soft and smooth, and the pores on my nose were bigger than average, but not as huge as they are now. Overall, the condition of my skin has worsened and it looks like the pores all over my face have enlarged. My skin is acne-free now, but it's looking really rough. Is this normal? I hear Accutane is supposed to shrink pores, not make them bigger. :c

Help! Skin Oily Again On Accutane

28 June 2014 - 09:20 AM

I am currently 34 days into my treatment - 40mg/day Accutane. So far it has done nothing for my acne, except for the extreme dryness. When I was 15 days in, my skin was extremely dry, which I thought was a good thing because it meant the medication was working. And also it was really nice not having oily skin and having to blot throughout the day.

But today, suddenly I woke up to find the skin around my nose oily again. It's definitely not as bad as it used to be, but my skin is definitely not as dry and itchy anymore. Should I be worried that Accutane is not working for me?

I'm hesitant to increase my dosage, because if it's true that you should be taking 1mg/day/kg then I'm pretty much at my limit as I weight about 43 kg.

Has this happened to anyone else?

Accutane And Scar Treatments

22 June 2014 - 02:01 AM

This is kind of confusing me - a lot of people say that you must wait at least 6 months before undergoing any kind of treatments for deep scars, like laser and such.

But exactly why is this? I can't find an explanation anywhere, just "don't do it!"s over and over. Does anyone know?

You don't have to read this next part. It would be nice if you could give some input on my situation, but all I really want to know is why you need to wait at least 6 months before undergoing scar treatments.

The weird thing is, prior to starting Accutane, I had already undergone one laser resurfacing treatment (my skin was clear just a few months ago, then suddenly boom, severe cystic acne out of nowhere - couldn't do a second treatment). After that kind of healed up is when my acne started getting /really/ bad, and I called my derm and asked for Accutane. He refused at first, saying that it would interfere with the healing from my scar treatment. Nothing weird there, that's what everyone says.

But after a while, when my acne did not respond to the antibiotics he had prescribed instead, he finally agreed to put me on Accutane. I had already had an appointment scheduled for my second scar treatment, which will be right in the middle of my second month of Accutane. I asked him if it's alright to do a scar treatment during Accutane, and he said it would be fine, which goes against what everyone else said, and what he initially said, about scar treatments and Accutane, so I'm a bit confused about that. I will ask him during my next appointment, but I'd just like to see what you guys think in the meantime.

First Time On Accutane! (40Mg/day, 94 Lbs)

11 June 2014 - 06:50 PM

I started getting really bad cystic acne at age 18, which is frustrating as a lot of you can imagine/relate; I'm supposed to be an adult now, why am I just getting embarrassing teenager skin problems now? sad.png While my skin was definitely not perfect in high school, it was normal - I don't even remember what it was like to have smooth, clear cheeks. And even if Accutane works (my confidence in it wavers, the more I read about people's success/horror stories), I likely won't have smooth cheeks for quite some time since my cystic acne has left a lot of scarring.

In the past two years or so (I will be 20 soon), I've spent a lot of time trying to fix my skin, trying everything from antibiotics, topical retinoids, natural remedies, as, again, I'm sure a lot of you can relate to, and nothing has ever worked. So this is my last resort, I honestly don't know what I am going to do if Accutane doesn't work, I really don't want to accept that I may have to live with acne for the rest of my life. I've literally spent the last two years of my life hiding at home for as much as humanly possible, and every minute I spend out of my house, I feel super self-conscious and feel every pair of eyes in the room on my skin (even though I know that absolutely no one cares about how I look as much as I do), and I'm really sick and tired of it.

So. Here's hoping this stuff works, with minimal side effects. I decided to start keeping a log, for myself and possibly for others who are also on this drug, so we can compare notes and whatnot.

As mentioned in the title, I am a 94 lbs. (42.6 kg) 19-year-old girl, on 40 mg/day. To deal with the IB, my derm also prescribed me with 5mg Prednisone tablets, which I am instructed to take two tablets a day for two weeks, then one tablet a day for another two weeks, then stop entirely with it after that.

I'm starting this log a little late - at the moment I am already on my 17th day of treatment, so I will lump the previous two weeks or so into one, but subsequent entries will be more frequent:

Days 1-16

These two weeks have mainly been about getting used to the side effects for me - I don't feel like my acne has changed drastically or anything, nor did I expect it to just yet. There's been a bit of ups and downs, but I think that's just me; my acne is usually like that, sometimes I'll feel like it's totally clearing up, then boom, three new cysts the next day.

So for the most part, it's just side effects. Compared to what I've heard, nothing too bad has happened yet, which I am grateful for, but the month is still young and who knows what else will crop up. 

Side effects I've been having:

  • Dry skin: There's a little bit of peeling, but nothing too major. When I have to go out, I do wear makeup, and using Cetaphil under my foundation, the flaking is not extremely noticeable. Skin everywhere else feels normal - no eczema spots or rashes on my body. In the first few days I noticed a bit of dandruff, which is unusual for me, but after a few more days it seems to have went away. May have to stop shampooing daily if dandruff returns, or my scalp gets really dry.
  • Dry lips: Slightly uncomfortable, but also bearable. It mainly just feels like the skin on my lips is pulled/stretched really tight. I have a bad habit of peeling and biting my lips when there are extra flaky bits, so that makes it worse than it really is. When it gets particularly uncomfortable, I use Aquaphor. 
  • Headaches: I've been getting like a headache a week since I've been on Accutane (so, like two), I hope it isn't forming a pattern. The first headache was quite unbearable. I slept for several hours, hoping it would go away, but still woke up to a throbbing pain, and in the end I took a Tylenol, even though I hear it's bad to take it on Accutane. For my second headache, I bought some Ibuprofen because I heard it's slightly gentler on the liver compared to Tylenol, so I got that to brace myself for future Accutane headaches.
  • Body aches: When I get up from lying on my tummy, my rib area kind of hurts, which is something that only started since I've been on Accutane.

Day 17

Acne still has not changed, I'm getting new cysts as usual on my cheeks and along my jawline. The main thing I noticed about today that is different is that my skin is not oily at all. I mentioned dry skin and flaking in the first 16 days, but that was different - my skin still produced oil, but there was flaking. But all of today, there hasn't been a trace of oil on my skin, even my nose, which is usually very oily. I hope this is a good sign that the drug is working, because I hear Accutane works by stopping oil production. 

I had a slight headache this morning when I woke up, but thankfully it went away after I ate breakfast, so painkillers were not necessary today.