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In Topic: Enlarged Pores From Accutane?

20 August 2014 - 12:05 AM

Oh yeah, forgot to mention my dosage and such in the OP - don't know if that matters, but I have been and will be on 40mg my whole course, and I am 20, 43kg female.


I am almost 3 months into my Accutane treatment, and in general my acne has improved (though I still get the occasional pimple and get break outs when I'm on my period), however I noticed that the texture of my skin is just terrible these days. My skin around the acne used to be very soft and smooth, and the pores on my nose were bigger than average, but not as huge as they are now. Overall, the condition of my skin has worsened and it looks like the pores all over my face have enlarged. My skin is acne-free now, but it's looking really rough. Is this normal? I hear Accutane is supposed to shrink pores, not make them bigger. :c


It doesn't really shrink pores, but since it shrinks the sebaceous gland (which is part of pilosebaceous unit, which includes the pore + gland), it can make them look smaller. 


However the "orange peel texture" you are describing appears to be a common side effect of both Accutane and Retin-A products. Not really sure why. Some people get it and some people don't. There's not a whole lot you can do about it once it happens. 


To clarify - by "side effect", do you mean this will eventually go away on its own once I am off the medication, or is this a permanent result of using Accutane for those that do experience this?

In Topic: First Time On Accutane! (40Mg/day, 94 Lbs)

01 August 2014 - 11:04 PM

Day 68

Into my 3rd month! Things are still kinda see-sawing. sad.png For the most part, my skin is pretty smooth now, but I still break out quite a bit during my time of the month, and my skin gets very oily. 

I got a really bad nosebleed yesterday, don't know if it's the Accutane or the weather, or both. And maybe lack of water too, I had been moving the past few days and tried to get so many things done in a short amount of time I neglected to hydrate properly.

So yeah, I can feel some cysts and bumps under the skin (jawline, mostly) when it's almost my time of the month, but usually my skin is dry and smooth, not counting the awful scars. Gonna see my derm in a few days, maybe I need some hormonal medication too, if I'm gonna break out every time I get my period.

In Topic: First Time On Accutane! (40Mg/day, 94 Lbs)

16 July 2014 - 02:27 AM

Day 51

Thank you both for the kind words of encouragement and advice! I've actually been doing a lot better since my last update (which is kind of why I haven't been updating - my acne hasn't even been on my mind that much!) - I haven't had any cysts for at least a week or two, and the pimples I do have are drying up and going away. I hope I don't jinx it, but things are looking up.

The dryness did come back - the week I updated was the week I got my period, so I think that may have caused the extreme oiliness at the time. After my period my skin dried right up again. I guess there's no way around the breakouts during that time of the month for me, even on Accutane. sad.png My skin feels smooth now save for the occasional bump here or there, but nowhere near as bad as it was a week or two ago. Still lots of scarring, of course, and like ZOSO, my skin is really blotchy when I'm not wearing makeup. Red patches on cheeks and all.

Other side effects, I experienced another headache yesterday, first in a while. I don't know if I'm just really used to the side effects now, but I'm not really feeling it. I'm aware my lips are dry, but it doesn't really bother me, and I don't really seem to be feeling the aches. My skin isn't even flaking so much now, if I put makeup on I look pretty normal in "good" lighting. Again, hope I'm not jinxing anything.

All is well so far. I still expect some surprises from Accutane, but it's been a fairly good to me lately.

In Topic: Help! Skin Oily Again On Accutane

02 July 2014 - 02:10 AM

You're still very early into treatment so your skin will fluctuate and such.  Not everyone dries out at the same consistent rate so i wouldn't be alarmed.


Well, that makes me feel a bit better to know, thanks!

In Topic: First Time On Accutane! (40Mg/day, 94 Lbs)

02 July 2014 - 02:08 AM

Day 37

Holy crap, is my skin oily. I'm not sure what is going on at this point, but I've been told the skin may continue to fluctuate for the first few months, so.. this kinda sucks. It's like I have all the initial breakouts, all the bad side effects, and the one thing that was good about being on Accutane is gone now - I'm back to being super oily but everything else has gone to shit. Aaaa.

Time go faster pls.