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Posted by lallen2222 on 25 November 2013 - 10:53 AM

Hi there


I started to suffer from acne at the age of 14, which lasted for just over a year. The acne seemed to come out of nowhere, I honestly went from having the most perfectly clear skin to being COVERED in acne in under a month.  During that time I was given harsh chemical creams and gels to apply to my face daily, which burned me so bad. I was also given antibiotics which although made me feel awul and missing a lot of school, they eventually worked. Or maybe my teenage acne had just run its course. This was probably the worst time of my life, I was bullied and hid away from the world until I felt confident that my skin looked ''ok''


I know it's drastic but I even held a razor blade to my rist at my lowest point. This was purely because I couldn't handle the thought of christmas day in a house full of family and young relatives who hadn't seen me for a while. I was just so conscious of how I looked and was so ashamed of myself. This is a feeling I still have when I have a bad skin day and I'm almost 30!


Then, when I was 21 my acne returned, mainly on my cheeks this time. I was put on the contraceptive pill this time, as they thought it must have been a hormone imbalance. The acne did clear up after a few months but left me with scars on my cheeks (which I am currently treating with derma rollers, which seem to be helping a lot) I have a treatment every other month.


I am now 29, and for the last year I have what my doctor described as cystic acne. I get these terrible bumps under my skin which never seem to develop to a head, but just sit under my skin causing so much discomfort. So much so I have on several occasions taken a pin to them to drain them out. I also get normal spots which appear pretty much all over my face. I can in no way say my face is as covered as it was when I had full blown acne, but at the age of almost 30, it's just awful having a face covered in bumps and spots. It's getting to the point where I'd swap my spots for wrinkles! I'm just sick of spots taking over my life. It's a stress I deal with every day


My time of the month is a factor here, as i can pretty much guarantee the time of the month I will start to develope a new cystic spot. After yet another trip to my doctor, she decided to give me a blood test (after telling her I was vegetarian) The test came back showing that I had very low levels of vitimin B (mainly found in meat) and vits D and Zinc.


My doctor then went on to tell me that there had been a lot of evidence to show that acne sufferers often have vitimin D defiencies. So, I was advised to start taking a high dose of vitimin D along with vitimin B. I have been taking 3 vitimin D pills a day, upping the dose to 4-5 pills a day during the winter. I have to say, that after almost a year of taking these vits, my cystic acne has pretty much gone. I do still get the occasional horrid lump but they don't seem to be sticking around for as long as they once did.


The vitimin B and zinc has also helped my energy levels


I also now drink 2 litres of water a day and I SWEAR by Beetroot juice! One glass in the morning and one in the evening (be prepared for pink pee and poo)


It's nice to know that I have found something that seems to be working/helping which isn't full of chemicals.


I also only wash my face with teatree and don't use moisteriser at night, only in the morning after showering.


So, to sum this up, I would recommend vitimin D! There is a lot of research to back this up, so take a look. But be aware, you have to stick to it. It can take several months for your body to start benifiting from the vitimins


Please let me know if you any questions, or if you have any other vitimins you would recommend


Either way, good luck and I hope you all find something that works for you x