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In Topic: Under skin acne

04 December 2013 - 05:24 AM

These horrid types of spots are the bain of my life


I found that taking vitimin D has helped A LOT! I have not had an underskin spot for a couple of months but I've now just started to develope one. Just in time for christmas, great!


They always appear on my chin and by my mouth so I can't even hide them away. Even make up doesn't hide them.


They start off as a small lump which leaves my skin above red and painful. Then the lump just gets worse and worse. They never seem to come to a head. I usually sterolize a needle and stick it in the bloody thing. It is mainly a clear liquid which comes out followed by blood. I have found that when I ''self operate'' the spot seems to heal quicker than if I just leave it.


If I leave it they can last for about 2/3 weeks. Which also causes a lot of pain and just makes me feel awful as they honestly get so massive they look like a horrid wart.

In Topic: Vitimin D

03 December 2013 - 10:40 AM

It may take a while but the vitimin D will help with your skin


Stick at it, it took me about 5/6 months to notice a real difference


I would also definately recommend vit b if you're a vegetarian. I went through a spell of fainting, mainly in the mornings


I too eat fish, but my doctor told me vitimin B was mainly found in red meats. I haven't eaten red meat in over 5 years so no surprise my levels were low.


I was told to either start eating meat or take vitimin B. A bit of a no brainer! I take 2/3 vit B's a day and I haven't fainted or felt like i am about to faint for months now.


Also, on the subject of skin, I have recently started to use 'snail gel' It took me a while to get over the fact I was rubbing snail slime over my face, but after only a week I noticed a huge difference, my skin just looks healhier, and any red marks left by my spots have pretty much gone. The gel contains aloe vera so it smells nice at least!

In Topic: Hormonal Acne Or Not?

25 November 2013 - 11:10 AM

Hi opalrose11


What does your doctor say? I suffer from cystic acne which pretty much lasts all month but gets worse at certian times of the month. SO much so, I can pretty much pinpoint to the day that I will get a horrible cystic spot!


I am almost 30 but first got acne when I was 14, which lasted for about  a year, then cleared up but then came back when I was 21 (mainly on my cheeks which left me with scarring). After being put on the pill it cleared up pretty quickly


I then had a good few years with no real problems, just the odd cystic spot around a week before my period, but I was ok with this as the rest of the month my skin was rather nice.


BUT, last year at the age of 28 my spots came back ALL over but mainly on my chin and around my mouth. I read up that this area of the face is related to hormones.


After years and years of antibiotics and strong chemical creams my doctor finally carried out a blood test which reveiled my vitimin D levels were very very low. She then explained to me that there is a common link between acne sufferers and vit d defiencies.


For almost a year now I have been taking 3-4 vitimin D pills a day and my cystic acne has almost gone! I still get the occasional spot but hardly ever get the huge bumps under my skin anymore.


I'll be 30 next month and although i have started to accept that I'll never have the perfect skin I've always dreamed of, I can at least stick to a routine that seems to be helping and is natural!


Hope this helps, but you can always ask your doctor to check for any hormone imbalance x

In Topic: Clearzine Tablets - Do They Work?

25 November 2013 - 10:56 AM

Hello again


Did you try Clearzine?


They did seem to work rather well for me! The only problem is  I live in the UK so it costs me a fortune to have them sent over from the USA


I am now taking vitimin D and B which does help a great deal

In Topic: Clearzine Tablets - Do They Work?

06 December 2012 - 12:12 PM

Hi. I've just ordered 2 bottles of Clearzine in the hope it will work after pretty much everything else has failed or made my skin worse.

FINGERS CROSSED! Would love to have clear skin for christmas!