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lallen2222's Blog > Agnus Castus

Posted 07 March 2014

i've just started taking Agnus Castus after reading so many positive reviews about it helping with hormonal acne.
This is only my second day so I will keep you posted
I have just had my usual monthly outbreak so I guess I will be able to see if this helps my breakout next month
But I have also just decided to stop taking...

lallen2222's Blog > My Story

Posted 04 March 2014

Firstly I'd like to say welcome to my blog.
I decided to write this blog to keep track of breakouts, treatments, experiences as an acne sufferer so far.
I find reading blogs very helpful, as it's nice to know you are not alone in the struggle with your skin. When my acne first decided to introduce itself to my life not everybody had access t...