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knight07's Blog > Day 11 - Week 2 On Exposed Skin Care

Posted 29 June 2013

Hello Everyone! So, I'm on my second week on the Exposed Skin Care Line. The pamphlet says that my acne might get worse in the first two week and it definitely has. It isn't so bad though, I've had a lot worse on other systems and medications. My main problem is that the old pimples have left dark marks all over my face. I've heard they take months t...

knight07's Blog > New Beginnings

Posted 20 June 2013

       So I have been on Differin since Dec 2012 and so far it has improved my skin a little. However, I had been on and off cleaners like crazy. I was mainly on the Bert’s Bees Acne Wash, but it didn’t really do much for my skin. I am stopping the Differin and trying out a new acne line called Exposed Skincare.  I’ve...

knight07's Blog > 6Th Week Using Differin

Posted 28 January 2013

Hello Everyone! I haven't been on in the longest time, so I thought it would be best to write before I forget again! So I have been on Differin 0.1 for the past 6 weeks. Tomorrow will be the start of the 7th week. I have had about 3 major breakouts since I've started using it. The first breakout was around the first or second week, the next was aroun...

knight07's Blog > Update!

Posted 15 December 2012

So i have been using differin for 5 days now and my face is definitely worse! The first time I used differin my face didn't start breaking out until the third week of using it. I also have exams right now, so that's probably not helping either. I've been getting really big pustules all over my face, mainly on the sides, jaw and chin area. My...

knight07's Blog > Ready To Start Differin.....again!

Posted 09 December 2012

So my face is finally settled down from the chemical burn I got from using the mask the other day! My skin is still dry in some areas, but it is so much better! Like I said before I am using a wash cloth and only water in my face and so far it's been great in letting my skin calm down! Now it just feels like its getting a little clogged, so...