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Getting Started On Accutane..skin Isn't "bad" Enough?

05 December 2012 - 05:02 AM

Hey everyone! So I just joined thge sight, although I've been reading the public posts on here for years. I've heard about people beimg turned down for Accutane because of their skin not being "bad" enough for it, but I'd just like a little bit of clarification on the subject, if at all possible..? Here's my atory..its a novel. My apologies ahead of time(;

I've had acne for about 10 years now. (I'm 19) It started out as little pimples..nothing major. Until about 7th grade. That's when I began getting cystic acne, blackheads, white heads, you name it..I had it. I've been on every medication you can imagine. I'll list it for the sake of the post.

Retin A/ Micro
Birth Control
Benzoyl Peroxide gels, creams, washes
Just about every face wash you can imagine
And every other product you can think of.

I'm finally seeing a dermo on the 7th, and I'm really hoping to get Accutane to finally rid myself of this acne. BUT, within the last year or so, my skin has really changed. I now usually only get blackheads (Which turn into giant swollen lumps on my face after a few days), nodules, and cysts. But within the last 2 weeks, my skin has cleared up completely. I've got like 2 tiny pimples on my chin, and thats it.

My question is, what can I do to convince my derm that I'm not just some girl with mild acne coming in and asking for Accutane? The scarring on my face isn't bad at all (Which is remarkable considering I've had a decade worth of severe acne plaginging it without mercy), and I'm so scared he won't give it to me. Everyone in my family has had to go on Accutane, but they waited forever and all have HUGE craters and pits in their faces from waiting too long. My skin has no craters or pits, but I know I have only a short time before I get another massive breakout again. I'd be devestated if I scarred.

And my skin does this thing where it'll break out horribly,and take months to heal, but in the last week of healing, dissapear completely as if the breakout never happened. I know this would sound like a joke to a derm :(

So my question is, what do derms usually listen for when prescribing Accutane? If I'm only getting cysts, is it even possible for him to prescribe Accutane for me? I won't try any more creams, gels, washes, etc. Its either the tane or nothing. But I need to know what to tell him beforehand, as to not make a fool out of myself and leave empty handed. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!!