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In Topic: Getting Started On Accutane..skin Isn't "bad" Enough?

05 December 2012 - 11:45 AM

That's the part that kind of kills me. I did have photos of my skin horribly broken out, but when my computer crashed I lost them all. This was about 4 months ago. And as odd as it seems, I can't stand the idea of being in front of a camera anymore because of my skin. I'd be willing to take photos just for the derm, but since my skin has cleared...I don't know..I'm just totally stressed about the whole thing.

I heard if you've tried any kind of tetrycycline, you're more likley to get Accutane as a last resort? Could be wrong tho. I have a massive list of products I've used to show the derm. The list is much longer than the one I posted, but I didn't want to bore anyone! Haha

As for my skin "magically" clearing up? It doesn't. Were talking 6 weeks of having multiple cysts on my face, but the last few days they just..*poof* go away with some red spots, but never deep scars or pits. I attribute that to my amazing self control and not picking(;