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My accutane timeline! > Weeks 2-3

Posted 27 December 2012

No pimples at all until the last few days.... then BAM a huge one on my chin and 2 by my eye. No more headaches but have had a very sensitive back. Lower back pains when bending over to clean out my car and from lifting heavy objects. I'm in pretty good shape so I'm pretty sure it's from the accutane since I haven't had back pains before....

My accutane timeline! > Week One Of Accutane

Posted 10 December 2012

So it's week one of accutane. Just a little background info: I'm 19, female, and have severe cystic acne that has become unresponsive to other treatments. A little fearful of accutane, but it's a last resort so I'm down! Since I looked up tons of posts about accutane on here to better understand how it affects people, I thought I'd...