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04 December 2012 - 02:53 PM

Hello Ashley,
funly enough am also new,42 yrs old living in france,i have had acne since 12 yrs old,been under the observations and treatments
throughout,cannot explain the fortune it costed me,and nothing seemed to work,the acne kept moving around in circles,forehead,cheeks,jawlines
back and forth,
My daughter who is now 18,started it at 12,and i knew it was the same same shit,i cannot tell i have gone to the best known specialists,both for myself and her
and nothing worked,then 6 months ago,i discovered a way,through a parent of the kids i teach,i tried 1st on me,the spots i had around my jawline dissappeared,
and my skin really seemed healthy,then i bought for my daughter and her skin cleared within weeks,its now 6 months and we are both acne free!!and the dermatologists who have been treating us wants to know what was it,so next week we have a meeting to present it,and its all from the outside,nothing to take internally,you cannot imagine my joy,looking at the clear complexion of my child,i have now made it my duty to tell everybody i see with acne about it,!
i still have scars that can be seen after decades of suffering,but my skin is finally clean,i can finally see myself in the mirror and i would like to help others