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In Topic: Repairing the long-term damage from Accutane

23 March 2013 - 08:03 PM

Hi people,


I found this blog and seems very helpful and very informative about the long term side effects of accutane. I thought I would share the wonderful find with you guys.I am still trying to finish reading it. Maybe, you more knowledgeable people can grab something from this and help us solve our long term side effects. Also if you found it informative and interesting, please save it some how in case the url goes down.




Here are some excerpts from it:


Accutane induces a severe form of vitamin A toxicity, which is how it reduces acne, reduces cell division
and severely dries out the entire body by effectively slamming shut all of the sebaceous (oil)
glands in the skin and degrading the glycosaminoglycan water-holding protein molecules
collagen, hyaluronic acid, elastin, and chondroitin sulfate in connective tissue everywhere,
leaving the person in a chronically dehydrated hung-over state because the terrain throughout
their whole body has been literally turned into a desert, they are unable to retain moisture
between their cells.

 Depending on the severity of Accutane’s original
assault on the person’s DNA protein transcription mechanisms, some people recover from their
side effects with time, others aren’t so lucky. And from what I can tell, there’s no way of
knowing in advance which group somebody will fall into.
This drug permanently shrinks the oil glands everywhere
and damages the ability to regenerate water-holding molecules, like the glycosaminoglycan
hyaluronan AKA hyaluronic acid, which holds water hundreds of times its own weight in the
skin and other areas of connective tissue.

Investigative health journalist Bill Sardi published a compelling and insightful report on
Accutane and its long-term side effects titled Accutane: a modern horror story. This report came
out five years ago, so some of the statistics might be outdated, but it is very thorough and well
referenced. One important topic he covers is how oral hyaluronic acid supplementation might
improve the extreme dryness of tissues caused by Accutane. Former Accutane users suffering
the chronic latent effects of severe systemic dryness of their skin, eyes, lips, mouth, and nasal
passage should consider taking oral hyaluronic acid supplements. Hyaluronic acid is the
scaffolding that holds the human body together. It cushions joints and nerves, dilutes toxins and
serves as a barrier against the spread of disease.


“Oral hyaluronic acid (HA) supplements are relatively new. They offer hope for restoration of
tissues adversely affected by Accutane. Just 1000 milligrams can hold or gel 6 liters of water in
the body. Oral hyaluronic acid supplements have been reported to lessen or eradicate joint pain
in cases of osteoarthritis, eliminate back pain caused by swollen vertebral discs, refill skin tissues
to the point of reduction of wrinkles, cause floaters in the eyes to disappear, and improve
thickness and luster of hair. The production of hyaluronic acid may be impaired in Accutane
users. Supplementation may be beneficial.”

In Topic: Repairing the long-term damage from Accutane

18 February 2013 - 07:11 PM

Hi guys, I am not suffering from hair loss or anything severe like you guys. I am only suffering from exfoliative cheilitis, constipation, dry skin, peeling skin. I only took about a month of accutane at 50mg. I cannot imagine the hardship you guys go through, but I will try to help out anyway I can.  I don't know if this will help anyone but I found this post from an old forum, but it is about reversing hair loss due to Accutane. Here it is: http://www.hairloss-...html?1207655929




I will make this as short as possible for all the ADD people out there like myself. First of all, thanks to everyone on the net talking about this because I got all this from you guys. I also got my info. from medical internet sites and books that give biological reasons why these work to aid in hair growth and slow hair loss. 

When I started Accutane I was losing maybe 20 hairs all day. In the middle of my 4th month I started losing 150-200! I stopped and and it got worse for a couple weeks. After reading EVERYTHING I could about hair throughout the 4 months I got to something that has helped me tremendously. 

I have been using these things for about 2 weeks now and I went from 150-200 hairs a day lost to NO BS, 20 hairs or less a day like normal. It slowly started to decrease after the 2nd day. I did lose enough hair so its noticeable for me but not to eveyone else. 

I think I lost about 15-20% of my hair in a short period of time but I am happy with how much hair I have now. 

It took 2 weeks for my hair loss to get back to normal and there is no gaurantee that it will last but I thought it was such a huge change so quick I had to share it with you guys since I felt how horrible it is to loose your hair. 

Shampoo: Nioxin Cleanser Nioxin Scalf Therapy 

Rogaine: This didnt stop my hair loss but should aid in getting it back. 

Supplements: Vitamin Shoppe Brand Especially for Men Hair Formula-Read Label This has Folic Acid, Biotin, Pantothenic-Acid, Iodine, Zinc and Shen Men which is a chinese herb proven to give healthy hair results. 

Vitamin B-Complex 125-sustained release-1 Tablet a day 

Biotin-5 mg a day 

Flaxseed Oil- 3,000 mg a day 3 times a day 

Ester-C 1000 once a day 


Slow Release Iron(FE)- read for usage intructions 

This has slowed my hair loss to normal now and my hair isn't dry and nasty feeling anymore. It actually feels the softest it ever has. 

I will check back on this board from time to time to try to answer questions and relay messages back to whether or not this has actually stopped permanently. It has now been 3 weeks and I still see normal hair loss. This should keep up... 

Good luck to everyone....



I also found this interesting lab report on Vitamin A and toxicity. Supposedly Vitamin A can be reversed with Vitamin E and zinc? Idk, maybe someone can read and clarify things for me. Sorry if this doesn't help out or is a repost. Here is the report: http://www.douglasla... NN (05-09).pdf

In Topic: About To Start Accutane.. Very Scared

10 January 2013 - 07:01 PM

Just letting you know that you will have to live with this choice for the rest of your life. There are some people that gets permanent side effects from accutane. If you feel that you are lucky and willing to live with the side effects go for it.

In Topic: Is It Normal For It To Take This Long To Get An Accutane Prescription?

10 January 2013 - 06:54 PM

Just know of the great risks and side effects that are involved when taking accutane. It is like Russian roulette. You will regret taking accutane if you acquired permanent side effects from it, such as joint pains, hair loss, and depression. I would suggest you exhausting all options before trying out accutane. I seriously think that most dermatologists or doctors are ill equipped to help out acne sufferers. They do not even take the time to know the patient and try other options. First thing they do is prescribe accutane.

In Topic: Repairing the long-term damage from Accutane

10 January 2013 - 06:48 PM

I do think onions are awesome and I do love everyone. You can say I'm a hippy or strange. That is just the way I am. I'm a very loving and happy person.

But again. I understand. And I am noticing it more and more. When I tell people how I feel about food, it angers them, because I am disagreeing with a deeply rooted belief they have. So I know why I am getting insulted.

I really don't have any more to say here. I've given all the info I wanted to about 3 posts back. I don't want to argue things people have not experienced. The 'miraculous' things that happen when one doesn't put matter into themselves is not hype!

Fasting is doable! Hell, you are forced to do it everyday during sleep. But you don't have to jump to not eating right away. Like a said before, transitioning to a raw plant-based diet is an amazing step to becoming healthier. I didn't jump straight to not eating either. I went to a raw diet and as I became more sensitive and was able to feel more, I kept improving and improving what put into me. Soon I didn't feel the need to eat or drink so I didn't. And I experienced vitality like I have never experienced before in my life.

It is frustrating to me to experience all these amazing things and then to tell others about it and get bashed. I expected it to happen though. I was the same way too. When I first saw videos of people that said they didn't eat or drink, I laughed and called bullshit. I was wrong.

It must be experienced to be believed. So I understand.

Stefan I feel like we were sorta the beginners of this spreading the word on this whole Accutane thing by video. You being the first one making videos about the bad side effects and me being the second. I love you man! I really want to help rid you of health worries. I want to help everyone do that actually. I deeply feel, the best thing you can do, is to try eating only raw fruits and veggies. For at least a few weeks. No cheating at all. No supplements, pills, or anything like that either. Just raw, fresh stuff. It will be amazing. You will start to become more sensitive and feel incredible. And you will feel how bad all the cooked and processed stuff is, and how it affects your body and mind.

I truly want to try out a raw food diet. But I am just so skeptical about it lol. I guess it is because I have been eating processed food all my life? I'm a newbie about this topic, so please enlighten me. What if you are a body builder. How do you get protein into your system? Also, I just have the perception that eating just raw food won't make me full lol. Maybe, I just need a little more pushing to try out an all raw food diet. I definitely heard great things and about the increase in vitality from this diet. How do I get start in it?