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In Topic: How Do Products Clog Pores?

15 July 2013 - 04:32 PM

This is something I've been asking too, and the answer is either not there or difficult / scientific to answer. There are lots of threads though that go into detail. Do some advanced searches for "comedogenic" or "non-comedogenic" ingredients list and such.

In Topic: Need Makeup Advice! New User

15 July 2013 - 04:28 PM

I stopped using my facial moisturizer and replaced it with organic jojoba oil. This doesn't make my face feel oily or weighed down at all; it feels light and my skin loves the stuff. Also it will last all day. Oh and it will last and last and last. A tiny amount goes a long way. You only need like a tiny drop and you can wipe it over your whole face.


Also I think if your face is getting oily very fast it's probably because you are keeping it too dry. I did this with my face for years until I came to this board and people told me differently. I didn't believe them but tried what they said anyway and omg it really worked. For years I would wash my face with soap and hot water 2-3 times a day and would not moisturize. This just made my skin very oily.


Now I use the oil cleansing method in the morning and will wash my face with mild soap in the shower at night. And then I moisturize the corners of my mouth and area around my nose after the shower.


Oh and I wear makeup after moisturizing too. Moisturizer doesn't get in the way of the makeup.

In Topic: What Helps Your Extremely Oily Skin? Sensible Answers Only.

25 May 2013 - 03:18 PM


This thread is for people, like me, who have extremely oily skin. I mean extremely oily as in 15-30 minutes after you've washed your face, you can see the oil oozing out and you notice a visible shine.

I want to know what helps your skin. Post any solutions or treatments that you've tried and which have worked to effectively control and/or reduce your oily skin SIGNIFICANTLY.


In order of importance:


1. Changing my diet from high-carb (300+ grams carbohydrates daily) to under 100 grams carbs per day reduced my acne from 1-2 new zits per day down to 1-2 new zits per week.


2. Using a moisturizer every day after washing my face caused my face to produce less of its own oil.


3. Cleansing my face with a more mild cleanser stripped less of the oil off my face and therefore my face produced less of its own oil.


Hope that helps.

In Topic: The Bad List: Comedogenic Ingredients And Products

04 December 2012 - 01:18 PM

Ok, here are my questions regarding this thread. I doubt that they have answers but here goes:

1. What are the characteristics of a molecule that can clog your pores? What is it about the molecule that makes it "pore-clogging?
A. Is there a specific size the pore-clogging molecule has to be to be pore clogging? If so, what is that size threshhold?
i. Does the size threshold vary per individual?
B. Or is it that the molecule must have an electric charge?
C. Is there some other characteristic about an ingredient's molecules that make it pore-clogging? If so, what?

2. Is there any proof or evidence that these ingredients clog pores? If so, what evidence?

3. Is there a scientific test that can prove that an ingredient is going to clog your pores? If so, please explain.

4. How can we trust a website that claims that these ingredients are going to clog pores? What evidence do they have to back up their claims? What is the basis of their claims?

5. Will the ingredients clog pores for everyone or just some people?
A. If just some people, why?


In Topic: Need Fast Answer

04 December 2012 - 12:47 PM

When it comes to using high heat, it is best to use saturated fats because saturated fats cannot be oxidized nearly as easily. You should be fine using coconut oil for roasting, as it is a saturated fat.