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4Th Week On Spironolactone Need Some Encouragement!

04 December 2012 - 10:31 PM

Hello everyone. My daughter(15) just started her 4th week on spironolactone.  We are like a lot of people on this board, we tried EVERYTHING(except acutane) to get rid of her severe acne that has plagued her since she was 10 years old :(
The first three weeks were horrible, so many whiteheads, pustules literally couldn't count them all. Yesterday she had a microdermabrasion and salicylic peel, which seemed to help break up the congestion. She started at 50 mg and her GYN upped her to 100mg. I have made the decision to get this new script at wal mart instead of rite aid. Rite aid gets their generic spironolactone from Qualitest and I have read to many reviews on this board saying they think this med could be defective.
Anyways it has been so heart wrenching to watch my beautiful daughter lose her self confidence due to something that seems out of here control. I would trade places with her in a heartbeat so she wouldn't have to go thru this :-(
Thanks to everyone on this board, it' has helped so much!