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In Topic: Spiro

19 March 2013 - 08:26 AM

Yah! So glad you kicked acne but!
I would like to ask you if your periods became regular?
My daughter is still spotting and having periods every two weeks. Hopefully this will work itself out cause I don't like the idea of adding birth control along with the spiro.
Thanks and congratulations!

In Topic: Spironolactone Under The Age Of 18?

12 March 2013 - 04:33 PM

My daughter was tested and found to have mildly higher levels of testosterone.  She has been battling with acne for several years.  The endocrinologist who I spoke with about the results said she could not prescribe spironlactone unless my daughter had excessive hair growth (which she does not) or was over 18.
I'm just wondering if anyone is taking spironlactone who is younger than 18 (my daughter is 15-1/2) with success, and if you had any severe side effects from it.  Also was it prescribed from your dermatologist, regular doctor, gynecologist, etc? 
Thank you.

Hello. My daughter began taking spironolactone around her 15th birthday. The only side effect she has is CLEAR SKIN! Her gynecologist prescribed 100mg 4 months ago and her severe acne has dwindled down to 1 or 2 active pimples which quickly heal. She does get a salicylic/ microdermabrasion facial every 3 weeks.
You may want to call doctors in your area and specifically ask if they will prescribe spiro for your daughter.
All I can say is it has been a miracle and if you have any more questions please ask!
Good luck :)

In Topic: Hormonal Forum Deleted! If You Have A Hormonal Acne Question...

12 March 2013 - 02:00 PM

Unfortunately it appears that the Hormonal forum has been deleted. I simply can't sift through all the unrelated posts on here about antibiotics, retinoids, and Accutane to effectively answer or respond to your hormonal questions. You may PM me if you have a question because I won't be visiting this forum regularly any longer. It is sad that hormonal information can no longer be conveniently shared with the public.
I will probably stop visiting acne.org in the near future, as I dedicate my time here to the Hormonal acne problem, but for the time being I will try to respond to PMs. 

What the heck, is that what happened?? Why on earth would they delete the hormonal forum? I'm with you green gables I don't feel like wading through all the other topics to get to the information I want.
Acne.org bring back hormonal forum!!!!!

In Topic: Spironolactone 100 Mg + Birth Control Pill

14 January 2013 - 03:36 PM

Thanks for the update! Your posts have been very helpful.
How is your hyperpigmentation? Have you had any treatments to correct it?
So happy for you! :)

In Topic: Spiro Not Progressing!

04 January 2013 - 10:37 AM

Hi!I started 100 mg of spiro about two months ago and I have seen no improvements in my acne! :( the only thing that changed immediately was that all my oil is GONE!like..it stopped the next day!But I am breaking out worse on my cheeks with clogged pores that eventually turn to pustules...yuck!I have zits on my forehead and mainly my cheeks.
I also had a few dark stray dark hair on my chin that are now Gone!!!They haven't grown back since the last time I plucked them!
I don't know if spiro is for me cuz my acne is not presentably hormonal..as in nothing on the chin and stuff.
Please guide if I should increase my dosage or If I am being paranoid too soon.The last week has been the worst with big pimples that I so hate and I refused to step out!!My zits are not Cysts, never were!Just the angry red inflamed ones!Any help will be much appreciated!!Thanks..and when do I expcet recovery and how do I know that spiro is not the drug for me..which I so pray for! :( thanks
so now I have 6-7 clogged pores ready to turn into pustules and 4 acytive pustules...gross!!The most ever on my face!!

Hang in there! It sounds like its working because your skin is less oily and it's purging all your old gunk out. I highly recommend going to a esthetician and get a salicylic peel/microdermabrasion treatment to clear out all your congestion, it did wonders for my daughter. She is also on her 2nd month of spiro (100 mg) and it has been a miracle! I would say her skin is 75% better.  Do you know exactly how many weeks you have been taking spiro? It seems like it takes  8 (horrible) weeks until you say "hey I think this is really working"!!
Good luck and keep us posted! :)