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msnatalie's Blog > Day 142

Posted 19 April 2013

I'm feeling SO much better! See my before/ after photos below. I never thought I would see improvement like this, and in only 142 days. I started my treatment plan around December 1st, and the after photos are from today, April 19. I haven't blogged since Day1, but I came back specifically to share how well my treatment plan has worked for me. I truly fel...

msnatalie's Blog > Derm Visit And New Regimen

Posted 29 November 2012

Dermatologist appointment went well. I was so glad the appointment finally happened... had to wait forever to get in and I just see my skin getting worse every day. Dermatologist was optimistic, although they probably have to be, right? FYI I practically burst into tears because I am so upset with my acne, and dealing with all of this, and having to talk...

msnatalie's Blog > Day 1

Posted 29 November 2012

The day is finally here that I get to go to the dermatologist. (Takes forever to get an appointment). A bit about me:

-22 year old female
-Recent College Graduate

I've had acne since I was 11 or 12 and my skin has never been great since. In my younger teens I just broke out on my forehead, mid-teens I just...