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Tea Tree Oil Burn Help And Beware

12 December 2012 - 10:08 AM

hello! I've recently started acne no more and it's worked great- no new breakouts (i have very mild acne, but have tried everything from accutane to tazorac and all have made my skin better but never clear). This is the first time my skin is clear, but it made all the tiny zits come to a head. I've learned that I can do a pretty good job at popping them by using a disinfected needle and just barely squeezing (I have closed comedones so they don't come out unless they are done professionally or by me this way).  Based on the acne no more routine it said to put tea tree oil on a pimple. Even though mine was diluted it burned my skin. Acne no more also doesn't really explain how to do this so a little dripped and now a good chunk of my cheek is really red. The burns aren't open, aren't oozing, and didn't blister.  But they def are raw. Has anyone had a similar experience and what did you use to make them heal fast? I am seeing my bf Sunday for four days and don't want to look like I got in a fight with the pavement. PLEASE HELP!

Long story short...how do you make burns from chemical peels/tea tree oil/etc heal fast? Like within 4 days please Posted Image

After Coming Off Birth Control Did Anyone Stop Breaking Out For A Few Months?

28 November 2012 - 07:05 PM

Just wondering if this is because there is an imbalance in my hormones! I've done a lot of research on hormonal acne and it looks like the best way to know is to do a saliva test. Bust since I have to order the saliva test online I was wondering if anyone had a similar experience where they came off of their birth control and for a few months their face was completely clear. I was thinking perhaps this could be because my hormone levels were re-balancing and at some point they were optimal (although sadly no longer). acne is the worst!