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ShadowsA's Blog > "do Nothing" Or "caveman" Regimen

Posted 23 January 2013

( 15 years with moderate, sever acne and a male)
Ok well during the summer, after having mild acne, complaining on how bad my acne was... I decided to buy skin id which helped and cleared me up :) I ran out but it didnt come back and a few months passed and i was still clear. however, towards the end of the summer and onto my first year of highschool, I...

ShadowsA's Blog > Acne And Wrestling

Posted 06 December 2012

Okay so i just started wrestling and I have been on the regimen and so my acne was clearing up. During practice, my face was smearing all over the dirty floor, opponent grabs chin and rips my acne( my chin is the worst) and i dont know what to do?! HELP! I dont want to quit because people will call me a pussy...