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Weird Red Mark Not Sure What It Is

08 June 2015 - 10:17 AM

Okay so I had an elevated red bump (as all pimples forming) on left cheek in the middle. I had this for a day, and I unbeknowst to me would sometimes just scratch it for some reason, like it was something normal. Then it had like a whitehead in the midst of it not sure, so I went to shower around 1-2 days after it had came and after I shower I wash my face etc. I decided to pop it, and I'm not sure what happened, but now its like an open wound the size of a normal fingernail, if not a bit smaller. It's been 2 days and it hasn't even started to scab or anything, it seems like its bleeding but its not, like after I had washed my face and seen that, I wiped my face with a white towel repeatedly on that place, dabbed it, no blood on the towel at all, it just kept getting wet for some reason everytime I dried it. Left a bandage over night, it became a bit dry around the edge, buts it still the same 2 days later. Well. not the same, it diminished in size just a tiny bit, and it seems like its like scarring or something like it seems skin is started to grow over it, like in a sense that its still red, not as bright red, but like not sure how to explain. Is this something of concern or not? Just never had it before. When I had touched it after washing my face, it was stingy when I touch, as if touching an open wound on your knee or hand etc.

Is Acne Worth The Sadness?

23 March 2014 - 07:24 AM

Ever since I started dating my first love/childhood crush, my acne became recognizable to myself, and before hand I always had it, I just didn't care. But then I tried messing with it, even though it was really minor and it just became so much worse.


Anyways, I use to go out during high school with my best friends. We use to pass this hookah lounge, and then I would always see these 14-17 year old high schoolers, whom we knew.


There were girls, and we know how 14-17 year old girls can be immature and shallow, but then there was this guy.. Kinda short, a bit stubby, he was a pizza face.. Had acne all over, like red bumps.. But, hell..


That dude made me wonder. He had tons of girls around him, kissing him, flirting with him, and he wasn't even that good looking. It made me wonder, does your personality/behavior really make that much of a difference rather than your appearance with acne?


And till now, I started believing it does. If that happens, then it has to be. I'm stopping to care about my acne. I'm not saying I'm going to go all out fast food etc, but I'm going to continue my life normally, bodybuild, do my facial wash, exfoliate and moisturizer (I dont use any ACNE treatment), but I'm going to stop stressing.


The thing is, all of our acne started really small. And we pay attention to it, and we STRESS. Stress is known to cause acne, it releases Cortisol, which influxes your acne. STOP STRESSING! See what wonders it does. In reality no gives a crap about your acne. I cried cause of it, I didn't go out for a year straight aside from school, with my head held low. I envisioned myself as being liked by everyone, so having acne was a no no. But in reality.. No one is liked by EVERYONE. No one is perfect, so I'll stop caring and acting like I need to be perfect facially and clear of blemishes to live my life. Stop stressing, and watch what happens. and I recommend you all eat cleanly and drink 1-2 GALLONS of water a DAY. If your urine ain't transparent, you're doing it wrong. Back in the 1900s, people use to drink 3-4 GALLONS. Never heard of acne back then as much as you do now, do ya? People didn't have tech etc to distance themselves from everyday activities and high water consumption. The body can consume 3-4 GALLONS of a water a day. And we consume on average half a gallon.... 


Acne ain't ruining your life, trust me. 

Ph Imbalance?

22 November 2013 - 08:58 AM

I use to have oily skin, so I think. My father did too. Oily skin was the only cause I could come up with why I get acne aside from eating healthy etc.


So I got the Cetaphil Oil control moistruizer and foam wash. Ever since I been using it, my face has been becoming dry and a bit flaky, and its always been that way due to a past dermatologist prescripted medication that completely ruined my face and made it extremely dry, and I didn't get a moisturizer to help it so my skin is set that way and I have no idea what to do.


I ran out of the foam wash a few days ago, and I decided to add water in with the remaining foam wash and just use it till I have time to buy a new one. And so I did, and what I noticed was that generally after using the foam wash with a lot of water, my skin was way less tight and dry after using the foam wash and less flaky. Now I got the foam wash again, and I started using the moisturizer with it because I can't walk around with a flaky and tight face and I started noticing that I started getting acne in the spots I use the moisturizer on. It says its non comedogenic so I don't know what is wrong. (I use the Clarisonic brush along with the foam wash)


I'm starting to think that I may have a pH imbalance in my face due to the previous washes I used that were possibly chemically harsh. I'm not sure what to do anymore and I'm stumped. I haven't went to a dermatologist in a long time because last time I went I was prescribed  Erythromycin and Benzoyl Peroxide Topical gel. It worked for the time being, but it severely dried my face and made it so much more oily and caused even more breakouts, it was horrendous. Then I stopped it for about half a year and just used soap for about 3-4 months. Found out soap is even worse. Then I got Clean n Clear 3-in-1 advantage cleanser, face was still dry, and it worked for around the first month, but I used it for like 4-6 months and my face remained the same, acne came and left, always had acne. Never had a day where I did not have at least 1-2 pimples, rather its small or not.


Need advice severely, thank you.

Cause Of My Acne, And A Cure?

14 April 2013 - 08:03 AM

I've been getting whiteheads here and there. It's not severe, but it's like 1-2 a week.. And then I have really small ones that form but fade away, but some rise.


Recently I had been diagnosed with Vitamin D Deficiency. Winter has faded away finally, spring is here and summer is approaching and it's gotten recently hotter. I've been prescribed Vitamin D pills, but I've yet to take them.


I noticed, I'm a guy who goes to school, then goes home instantly and stays in most of the time playing computer. I do not move, I quit going to the gym, and I barely get sunlight. Is this an obvious reason I get acne? (I eat healthy, drink loads of water and have a good diet, so that's not it)


I get no blood circulation as I stay seated all day in front of a screen. I get no sunlight (vitamin d), and when I stare at my friends, they're out-going, get a lot of sun, are outside all day almost and virtually have amazing skin.


I've decided, I'm quitting the PC and starting to go out a lot. I think what I stated is the reason why I break out, can anyone agree on this or what? I use cetaphil oil control foam wash and moisturizer. Though, I think the moisturizer might be pore blocking even though its said to not be comedogenic.


i will get alot of vitamin d from the sun whilst going out a lot etc.


What do you guys think?