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I Need Some Encouragement

24 April 2014 - 06:42 AM

Well today is one of those days. I need some encouragement.  I really want to call into work. This breakout has me feeling very low. I want to stay in the comfort of my own home. I called in yesterday because of it. What did I accomplish from it? Absolutely nothing. I still look the same and feel the same. I hate calling in but I feel to embarrassed to have anyone look at me. I don't think I'm calling in today. I'm going to make myself just go and get through it but when you get those thoughts in your head that it is much easier to call in it's really hard to fight it. I wish there were a cure for acne. Some magic pill or cream. I hate wishing away time but I truly wish I were at least 2 weeks from now. 2 weeks is the "normal" time it takes for me to almost completely heal from whatever I'm going through. I'm feeling mighty low. I need some encouragement.

Just Started The Regimen And I Have A Few Questions? Is This The Right Product For Me?

28 November 2012 - 06:12 AM

Hi all, hope all of you are doing well. I am new to this forum. I ordered the regimen kit with the cleanser, bp, and moisturizer. I just started using it on Monday 11/26/12. I'm just wondering if this product is for me? A little info on my skin. I'm fair to light skinned. I do not have a lot of acne I just get a pimple or two here and there. Sometimes cystic pimples. I have the tendency to pick at them and I know I shouldn't because it just makes it worse. I am then left with ugly red scars. I have a few deep scars from years ago that have faded to my skin color I don't know if there is anything I can do for those. I do however still have a few fresh red marks left over from pimples I have picked at. I use foundation to cover them up. My question is do you think this product is right for me? I used it the first day exactly how it says to use it and the next day my oily skin was so dry. Since I don't have acne would it be ok to use the bp as a spot treatment? I really don't want to dry out my skin completely especially if I don't have a whole bunch of acne. Also what would you recommend for the ugly red marks I have? Does the bp help with that or will it only make it worse? Any tips and advice would be appreciated. Thanks!