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The worst part about all of this isn't even my skin. It is by far my eyes, which are constantly in pain from being so dry and inflamed. Between my eyes and my skin and constantly feeling fatigued and barely able to function unless I consistently get 9 hours of sleep each night, I often feel like I am physically chained to my current location. While I love to travel, missing any of my health rituals makes me feel so much worse. Days trips are usually fine but any anything beyond that is a serious challenge.
Last summer, flying back from Alaska was probably the worse I ever felt in my entire life and I truly mean that. Earlier on the day of my flight, I had hiked extensively for hours so by the time my plane was set to depart I was already pretty exhausted. But of course I can never sleep on planes. Maybe if I had had a neck pillow and an eyes mask and over-the-ear headphones things would have been different. My flight ended up being delayed for 2 hours while we sat on the plane, then a few hours later, we had a 5 hour layover in Chicago. At this point I had come down with a tremendous cold (being so prone to illness - another sign of my poor health). I wanted nothing more than to take a later flight out and instead get a hotel and sleep even though our next flight was only 2 hours in length. But my group pressed on. The flight from Chicago to Baltimore was one of the worst experiences of my life. I literally felt like death having been awake for close to 36 hours with a monster cold, and unlike most people I don't simply feel tired. Tired for me is a state of extreme adrenal exhaustion, one in which I am scarcely able to cognitively function. When most people feel tired, their eyes feel a little drier as well. For me, everything is magnified because the fatigue is so great and my eyes are already so predisposed to being dry. The itching,burning, throbbing, and dryness becomes nearly unbearable. There is something that is very much wrong with me. It is clearly visible in my face riddled with cystic acne, in the dark circles under my eyes, and in my eyes themselves that are bloodshot and constantly red and inflamed. I just look sick. 
So what I am trying to say from the above example is that I need to sleep and rest my eyes at regular intervals, which means never being too far from my bed, despite having a strong sense of wanderlust and more recently a very real fear of missing out (FOMO). So many people I graduated with are studying or working abroad this summer and I've realized that I don't want those kinds of meaningful international experiences to be absent from my own life. I only have a few years before my twenties end, and that realization alone has ignited a kind of panic in me, amplifying any impulse and desire to travel. Time is the only luxury. It doesn't matter how much money you have if you don't have your health, and, in turn, the time, to realize your dreams. I am fascinated by the idea of personal transformation but it is a concept that increasingly feels unattainable and that's what terrifies me the most. It has been a lifelong dream of mine to visit Japan but thinking about where I'm at now, and the 15 hour flight, and everything that would be needed to get from point A to B is incredibly daunting. I am terrified, but also equally enthralled, at the idea of venturing half away around the world and perhaps on my own as well. Knowing how much work would be involved, how much I would have to do to regain my health, and how amazing an existential experience like traveling alone would be is strangely motivating. The goal seems so impossible that it makes me want it all the more. Plus, to be perfectly honest, I would have no one else to travel with.
Acne has dictated my entire adult life. It has caused me to avoid social interactions and lose friends but it has also sent me on a journey towards better health. In doing so, in lingering longer in my safety net and delaying major life milestones, I have saved more money. I have the means to travel, which I suspect most other people my age do not as their financial responsibilities are very different from mine. What I don't yet have is the time or wellbeing and mental outlook to venture forth. I want to stay positive and I try to do so but the sheer physical misery and negative thinking is sometimes overwhelming. Some people are very fortunate to clear their skin and take control of their lives through diet and exercise and supplements alone but I do not think I am one of them. At 26 years old, I think I need to very seriously start considering detoxication protocols, things like liver cleanses and temporarily candida diets. I am seeing a functional medicine practitioner on the 29th of May and am very hopeful that that, along with any resulting blood tests, food allergy tests, etc. will shed greater insight into my condition. 

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27 March 2015 - 08:37 PM

Skincare products will do little to treat chronic life-long acne (see below; taken from the CureZone forums):

The biggest mistake of your life was going to doctors and taking prescription medications.

That mistake will add years to the healing process.

Acne may have started with your parents taking you to doctors when you were baby, with antibiotics, medications, vaccines, poor diet or it may have started with your mother being vaccinated or using antibiotics, hormonal contraception, steroids, poor diet, antibiotics in diet, hormones in diet or other toxins before you were born.

That is the cause of acne. It is self inflicted.
People pay for vaccines, antibiotics, prescriptions, hormones, steroids, poor food, poor water ... and in turn that causes health problems to them or to their kids or to their grandchildren.

That is why I call it self-inflicted.

Self-inflicted out of ignorance.

Use of antibiotics, birth control and other prescription medications and toxins across generations causes acne.
Poor diet from your side just makes it worse.
Antibiotics in meat and diet make it worse.
Sugar in diet makes it worse.

Antibiotics you took during the last 10 years have only destroyed that little left of your good microbiota, your intestinal health and your liver health.

Your healing tasks now are:

- heal your liver
- heal your intestines
- heal your microbiota
- ignore treating your skin, any topical treatment will only extend total healing time

Now, it will take time because you neglected to do it for more than 10 years.

If you have a car, you drive that car, you use inappropriate fuel, inappropriate oil, inappropriate tires, and you keep neglecting red lights telling you that engine oil is low, steering oil is low, cooling liquid is low , engine is overheating etc ...

It does not really matter if you took that car every single day to car wash, car polish and if your car shines from outside. ... the fact is, once that car stops, and it is going to stop running very soon, it is going to cost a lot to fix it and it is going to take a lot of time.

And, all that could have been prevented by using appropriate fuel, appropriate oil, adding oil, changing oil, changing filters and adding cooling liquid at the right time.


- correct diet is equivalent of using appropriate fuel, appropriate engine oil and appropriate tires, appropriate spare parts

- Liver Flush is equivalent of changing oil and changing oil filter regularly on your car engine ;

- Fecal Transplant is equivalent of replacing worn out parts of your engine, changing register belt, changing filters, changing liquids ...


As you neglected to do it for so many years, now it is going to take a very long time to fix everything.

Every month and every year of neglecting your engine needs adds weeks or month to the healing process.

That link you gave is good, but that is not enough for you.

You will also need Liver Flushes and fecal transplants on top of perfect anti candida diet.


Read and learn:


In Topic: Stomach Problem, Acne?

02 February 2015 - 03:44 PM

Maybe digestive enzymes before eating will help? I read somewhere else on here recently that betaine HCI+ Pepsin not only helped with stomach problems, but cleared skin.

Yeah, also heard that. I will order som betaine HCI., and see If it could help me mabye.


There is definitely a connection. Google Dr. Chris Kresser and acne. Recently, I began taking Swedish Bitters, but it didn't really help me. What is helping I think is taking a daily probiotic alongside lactoferrin, l-glutamine, and milk kefir. I try to avoid dairy but the kefir I buy is 99% lactose free and is from cows not treated with growth hormones.

In Topic: What If My Acne Never Gets Better?

02 February 2015 - 03:26 PM

Are you experiencing any other symptoms? Are there any patterns that you have noticed with your health? Have you ever taken a full course of antibiotics? Keep a journal and record your diet, sleep, etc.

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31 January 2015 - 05:58 PM

Only thing that works for MPB is propecia, RU, rogaine and nizoral. Everything else is a waste of time


What about manuka honey? I thought I read something about that helping. Seems like my receding hairline gets worse every year, and I'm only 26. Maybe one day I'll consider a hair transplant.