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In Topic: Vitamin B5 Hairloss- Cured (Pictures)

Today, 05:58 PM

Only thing that works for MPB is propecia, RU, rogaine and nizoral. Everything else is a waste of time


What about manuka honey? I thought I read something about that helping. Seems like my receding hairline gets worse every year, and I'm only 26. Maybe one day I'll consider a hair transplant.

In Topic: In Need Of Diet/lifestyle Advice

Today, 05:55 PM

Personally, after suffering for more than a decade (I'm 26 now), I believe that leaky gut syndrome and/or candida overgrowth are the reasons that I'm still dealing with acne. So I'd say research those topics, but you're still fairly young so hormones could be a factor. Diet is important. Cut out wheat and dairy for a few weeks and see if you notice any improvement. Avoid processed foods. Start eating paleo. Also, take a look at this guy's thread: 




I intend to adopt the vitamin and diet protocols that he claimed were helpful to him.

In Topic: Coconut Milk Kefir Did Not Help My Acne

Yesterday, 01:18 PM

While probiotic foods can be great for improving gut health, they can be problematic if you have bacterial overgrowth. This is a common problem andmany people suffer from it. In this case, fermented food and probiotics can make it worse.


You may also have a problem with the kefir bacteria itself, and maybe not the actual coconut.


What kind of diet are you currently eating?


Why is this, I wonder? Does the introduction of probiotics into one's gut encourage candida die off? I just purchased some kefir today. Hope it doesn't aggravate my skin. I would love to find coconut kefir but I'll have to make a special trip to Whole Foods for that.

In Topic: Vitamin B5 Hairloss- Cured (Pictures)

Yesterday, 11:34 AM

Is there any risk, insofar as hair loss is concerned, in regularly taking a multi-vitamin that contains B5? I am currently considering "Garden of Life, Vitamin Code - Men's Multi," which contains 20 mg of Pantothenic Acid or 200% of one's daily recommended value. Is there any benefit in taking L-Cyestine alongside this particular multi-vitamin? I have a receding hair but it is mostly genetic. Still, I do not want to do anything that could make it worse.

In Topic: Exercise Bad For Leaky Gut Acne?

Yesterday, 06:41 AM

Right now, I really don't exercise. I try to on the weekends, but chronic fatigue, a symptom of what I suspect is related to leaky gut and/or candida overgrowth, makes it difficult to do so. I live a very sedentary lifestyle, which doesn't help, working in a office type setting, but I am constantly exhausted. Often, I just want to sleep. Getting nine or more hours of rest seems to help but that isn't practical during the week and even then I never feel entirely well rested. Any wakefulness I experience is temporary as well.