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Struggles Going The Holistic Route

04 July 2013 - 11:30 AM

Previous history : I have had acne off and on since I was in high school. In high school it didn't really bother me and when I did break out, it cleared up quick. After my senior year summer, I had a terrible breakout. I used antibiotics and BP, but it would not clear. That fall I found out what I was doing wrong with my regimen and was put on doxycyline and epiduo. I also incorporated going in the sauna and working out 3 times a week. This resulted in me becoming completely clear for over a year.


Leading up to holistic route : Then my acne came back slowly. I megadosed on b5 and that clear me up for that summer, but it hurt me in the long run. My skin became too dry the following winter causing the epiduo to cause irritation. Now I was breaking out again, but these breakouts were something I wasn't used to before. They became deep and scared easily. I was in college and tried every quick fix - duac, more antibiotics ect. Nothing worked and it has been over a year struggling.

For 5 months I put all my faith that retin a thinking it was going to be my new quick fix. Obviously that did not work. It caused more irritation then I could handle.


Holistic Route : I decided to start a heathy alternative and was influenced by some of the following sources (thelovevittamin, the holistic forums here, marks daily apple ect.) 

  • I wash my face morning and night with only cetaphil
  • I eat gluten free, dairy free, zero sugar
  • Supplements/Nutrition : Fermented Cod Liver Oil, Flax Borage and Primrose Oil, Chai Seeds, Coconut Oil, proteins :  all organic eggs chicken and fish, lots of greens as well as a green superfood supplement, olive oil extract, apple cider vinegar, probiotics : sauerkraut, probiotic supplement, kombucha
  • Fitness : Lift 3 days a week with sauna after, walk my dog daily

After 3 months I am experiencing one of my worst breakouts. It may look like I am overdoing it, but I make sure I only take the recommended amount each day. I have not cheated once. Should I keep going or is diet not my problem?