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In Topic: Struggles Going The Holistic Route

06 July 2013 - 10:16 AM

Good on you for trying different things out, and looking at the holistic approach. 


Alternativista mentioned stress reduction - have you looked any techniques for doing that? Things like EFT really helped me. I know The Love Vitamin has great articles on it, and I'm posting some on my blog as well. 


I noticed that my acne flared up alot when big life changes happened, like moving, getting a new job, and new life choices. You mentioned you had a serious breakout after in your senior year summer - were there any big life changes happening that could have been challenging? 


I think you are right, there have been some major changes in my life when I have had these breakouts. Brothers sudden passing, switching colleges, and now breakup with my girlfriend. I just downloaded your PDF and will give it a try. Thanks!

In Topic: Struggles Going The Holistic Route

05 July 2013 - 03:07 PM

The holistic route is good for everything to do with your health, so it should never be abandoned.

You should consider if you have added something you have an intolerance for. What's this new acne like?

Is your skin still easily irritated? Have you tried not using any cleanser? Or if you must, then restore ph with some diluted ACV. very diluted since your skin is sensitive. Dilute with brewed green tea. Also, consider oil cleansing or moisturizing with a high linoleic acid containing oil like safflower, but make sure it's not rancid. Fresh, dark bottle, properly stored, etc.  See this thread:


You didn't mention sleep or stress management. How do you feel? Do you have any digestion issues?  Fatigue? Allergies?




Going the holistic route is a mixed bag.  You could literally go years and years and never find what your body needs to over come acne.  I think if in 3 months you haven't seen ANY improvement, its time to reevaluate.  Have you tried The Regimen from this site?  Have you looked into accutane (it should be a lst resort but if you've tried everything else......).  Because you are male, hormonal treatments are not that available to you so i can't recommend anything in that arena.  Hang strong.  As much as i believe holistic is best, it is unfortunately not helpful to those of use with moderate and above grade acne.




Your past posts have been very helpful My skin is now less irritated partly because of ditching the products and the humidity of the summer. I try not to be stressed but sometime it's tough with a face full of acne.. The new acne is a mixed. I would say its more than I had with retin a but less painful (probably due to the omega 3s). I don't think I have food intolerances since when I was clear I could eat almost anything except a lot of sugar... Kind of at loss for options other than accutane, which is something is am pretty reluctant to try, but it beats dealing with an acne problem each day.




Yes I have tried the products and regimen on this site. It was was too much for my sensitive skin.

In Topic: ***UPDATED**** Foundations of Clear Skin

02 July 2013 - 10:02 PM

What am I doing wrong? I have spent 3 months doing almost exactly what you posted. Flax, primrose, borage, fermented cod liver oil, no sugar or gluten, I take probiotics/eat cultured veggies, I workout, take optizinc and a multivitamin... I'm at the same place I started. Pretty bummed.