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Dairy Breakouts?

18 September 2013 - 02:31 PM

Hi everyone,


I think dairy is my acne culprit, I don't have any dairy as I'm eating a lot of free from but I have had soya milk and I think it's what is making me breakout, I'm getting cysts all around my chin and jawline.


Anyone else had these experiences with dairy?

Positive Outlook

04 September 2013 - 01:43 PM

Hey everyone,


This forum brings all acne sufferers from around the world together to share their experiences and their journeys with suffering from acne, no matter what way each individual goes about treating it.


I can't in one word summon what acne has done to my life but I can say that each day, I look at other positive ways to deal with it despite feeling so low some days, I have to snap out of it because it isn't going to change anything.


I thought I'd create a 'positive' thread where people can post what positive things they do to help them with their acne, we have threads giving people advice on different treatments but while taking treatments, you still need to remain positive in some way and I thought it'd be good to see what other positive things people others do while treating acne.



Accutane... Next?

23 August 2013 - 09:53 AM

I'm actually really annoyed I am writing this thread and depressed that it has gotten to this stage.

I am now as the title says, contemplating going on accutane. I have had acne for 5years+ and it has just gotten worse as I've gotten older. I have tried everything you could name, from prescription creams to ones you can buy on the shelves. My diet is very healthy, I don't eat anything bad really.

My acne is not cystic, It is just very pimply type, my whole face is covered in these type of spots, it just looks like a complete mess. I am so tried of it, I've reached the end of the line now, it's beyond depressing me, it's eating me alive.

I'm so ashamed of it.

Please could anyone, who has used accutane before please advise me in their opinions and those who have just started it, also those who were going to start it but decided against it, why?

Thank you


13 July 2013 - 07:28 AM

Hi everyone, Haven't posted in a while. I've recently started a gluten, wheat, dairy and sugar free diet but for th first time ever in all the years I have had acne I have broken out all under my neck, upper neck just under the chin! Annoying but I hoping this is just a detoxing stage as my body is adjusting to a new concept which it has never had before.. what are your thoughts? By the way, I'm a strong believer in diet and acne as well as the whole holistic approach. I'm thinking this could be hormonal acne again because my body isn't used to such a big change, anyway, I hope everyone is coping with their acne, horrible horrible thing!