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22 August 2013 - 06:50 AM

Hey there, everyone!


Just checking in because I know it's been a while. College has kept me from updating or even checking in often. You forget things here! Just to update people, my face is doing excellent and that is on one 20mg pill twice a week: once on tuesday on once on friday. I take nothing other than the Accutane and apply nothing. I still wash my face with Purpose gentle cleanser and moisturize with the amazing Vanicream Lite lotion. I have no dryness at all, no unusual muscle soreness that I can think of (I crossfit everyday), no joint kinks or pains; everything seems to be in line.


I COULD NOT BE HAPPIER WITH MY DECISION TO TAKE LOW DOSE ACCUTANE. It has changed my life thus far. I no longer live in anxiety waking up each morning, wondering about my acne. It's amazing what clear skin can do for a person's quality of life. 




Please update on how you are doing! Did you stick with the Accutane? Are things better?


Hey Akanel, 


Sorry...its been a REALLY long time. Kinda lost touch of the forum because of life and being busy. YES the doctor increased the dosage to 40mg a day and within a month things were different. Acne stopped popping up and the medicine was just working on the existing acne. That was one hell of a roller coaster. I still got pretty bad scarring on my right cheek but hey....better than painful cystic acne. But thanks for checking up on me!


I stopped taking the 40 mg about a month and a half ago and have been taking 20 mg every other day. So far so good. Helps with the stiffness and dry lips that's for sure. I've only started to get some body acne but I can tolerate it. It's all good :-)

In Topic: Ultra Low-Dose Accutane Users, Help!

03 January 2013 - 11:01 PM

Thanks Akanel.
I'm still pretty bad on the face. It's really kind of weird this time around on accutane. I'm starting to think that there's something bacterial that cephalexin isn't good for. It's just weird. I've stopped picking at my face and just use the accutane, moisturizer, and glycolic thing at night. But absolutely no improvement as far as acne reduction.
I still get many pimples at a time on one side of my face and once it begins to heal it comes out on the other side of my face. Plus that huge cyst thing that is still there. SO, not a happy camper. I am however going to go and see a new derm. I think the one I am with doesn't know much about persistent stubborn acne. I hope the new doc can figure something out. We shall see. But I will keep you posted.

Thanks again,

In Topic: Ultra Low-Dose Accutane Users, Help!

17 December 2012 - 01:32 PM

Goodness, began week 5 and not much improvement except for the fact that the pimples that come (still 4-5 at a time) are smaller and come to a white head faster then they did before. Is that a good sign? How long after that should it just stop?!!! I know everyone is different, but sometimes knowing how others went through it would be helpful :-/

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13 December 2012 - 01:49 AM

Well, I have the red marks too on my face. I've tried tea tree oil, mederma, and honey. Honestly it hasn't worked. I recently bought a glycolic 10% cream and it seems to help a bit. I've only used it for a few days, so I can't exactly stand by it. But I've been told that they eventually fade away anyhow and are not permanent like scars.
Good Luck!!

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13 December 2012 - 12:57 AM

I actually have the exact same thing on my right cheek. It began as three stuck together and every once in a while one of the three, or sometimes two, would swell up. Now, however, they've been turning into white heads that eventually ooze but even after it opens, I still have a red hard bump. Its disgusting honestly. I am also on accutane, but have been on it for just a month. Will start my second month tomorrow.

Before my dermatologist used to inject them with cortisone. That made a huge difference for me! Unfortunately I have moved over seas and doing this procedure is foreign to people here. So I'm stuck with this nasty thing on my face :-( I can't wait til I see the effects of accutane.

I was on accutane before and never had my acne go worse so this time around is much different for me.
Anyhow, Good luck!