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Accutane 2.0

13 November 2012 - 11:39 AM

Dear world,

Fairly typical acne experience. High school was no worries. the very odd pimple, family has history of acne, thought I was getting off easily.
As I began college my odd pimples turned into the odd cyst/nodule increasing in severity and frequency until the start of sophomore year. It sucked, I could not understand what the problem was after years with acne not even making my radar, I digress. Shit happened and it freaked me out...So I tried all the nonsense. Finally, I just demanded tane around mid October 2010. UGA health center was more than happy to oblige.
I hated accutane. It was crushing for me, I did have the dreaded IB. Coming from my acne background, was a challenging obstacle to swallow. However, throughout my course, I grew emotionally with exceptional strides in maturity culminating in my acceptance that it is what it is. I did not see improvement till month 4 of 6. I alternated 30mg on day A to 60mg on B days.
Side Effects:
-dry skin/lips
-extremely dry interior nostrils (complete with scabs blood the whole bit)
-Shitty IB
*that was it*

Upon completion, my life had been dramatically altered and I loved it. It worked 100%. Any side effects pale in comparison to the end results, cross my heart and hope to die.

my acne is incredibly mild. One small nodule a week. Occasional bad week with 3 or so. Manageable.  I won't even post pictures because there is really nothing to see. Doc was uber hesitant to prescribe the drug again. I had been on Antibios and Azelex for several months prior to this most recent doc trip late Oct 2012. He tried to sell me the same bullshit topical/anti bio treatment, I had made my mind up by this point and again demanded the drug. It took every persuading fiber in my body to get him to agree to it.

The Log:
A week in. Exactly the same as last time. Skin gradually embracing the dryness.

For all you Fools out there with a shitty derm or a "it won't happen to me attitude" you will:
1. Get extremely sunburnt, incredibly sunburnt. I dont care if you black white pink yellow or brown. Will happen, and does. Avoid the sun 20 minutes is all it takes. I fish alot, thus am on the water alot. Even your fingers will burn. Just avoid it. If you are hitting the outdoors use 30spf.
2. You will get incredibly dry skin. Try your hardest to nip this problem in the bud. Moisturize at every point you get.
--Personally, the backs of my hands would periodically break out in some rash type deal. Hydrocortizone cream did the trick but had I been moisturizing properly, derm said I probably could have avoided it.
--My lips were also bad, especially the corners. I even developed a yeast infection in the split corners. Imagine a manila folder repeatedly lacerating these creases. Shit sucked, slather that lip balm on like its yo job.
3. You will experience constipation, fact. Even for you girls that poop ice cream or whatever. Take a probiotic with gallons upon gallons of water. Water is your only friend. If you're really having a problem, take a shot of prune juice in the morning. Watch out with a glass of the stuff...it uh, works.
4. Drinking on the tane only increases the severity of your hangover. I went to Georgia as previously stated and I partied with the best of them. Both pre tane during tane and post. Please do not lecture me with any type of holy personal message. I do not care. I had many sit downs with medical professionals regarding the subject, they were all of the opinion as long as my liver test showed no sign of damage and I felt I could handle the after effects, was my personal decision to make.
--it certainly isn't any worse for you than oh I don't know, snorting some coke while blackout.

Having taken the drug once already, I know full well what to expect. I know it is going to suck, first time around I was blindsided...this being the reason I thought it was so difficult.
One thing I have learned in the professional world, no one gives a shit what your skin looks like. Unless you are pursuing a career as a super model, with vanity as the central theme. No body really cares about your superficial bs. Easier said than done, but taking the emotion out of it is a game changer. Will make the whole process much easier. Swear to god. I am one of the most open minded people, I will answer any question you've got in regards to anything. I have certainly been around the block once or twice, you would be hard pressed to find a subject I haven't at least dabbled in.

As a final reminder to all those on the fence. Nike that bitch and just do it-any horror story you read regarding tane is similar to the national media. Grizzly gruesome sensational stories sell best and those that experience them perpetuate their story, rightfully so. Point being, these stories are by far the minority. I would guess < 5%, again, here I give zero fucks for whatever obscure study you have the intention to post as rebuttal. Most are cured and never come back to the net lamenting their success. I know I did not. Those that do are, similarly, in the minority.

I wish everyone the best traveling this road. It is a challenging, but very manageable one, with shockingly beautiful results!