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Saw Palmetto For Men?

25 September 2013 - 10:27 PM

Hi. I've just been prescribed Saw Palmetto for prevention of hair loss and I also know it can help acne. Anyway I've been reading online and there are apparantly side effects. 

I would like to know a few things:

1. Does it really cause your blood pressure or any sort of bad blood problems? and any liver problems?
2.  Does it cause men to grow man boobs? 
3. Does it make your prostate worse or better? (in the long run) I don't know if they're saying it's good for prostate cancer or something or it can cause it.
4. Can it cause weight gain?
5. Does it cause any long lasting side effects even if you stop taking it? I have been told to take it for 8 months (once per day) 

Anyone, can you please help me. My hair specialist said it has no side effects....

Gah! I don't know what to do! the ONLY reason I want to take saw palmetto is for my hair to prevent anything, but my anxiety is going crazy!!