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#3322639 Vitamin D Has Cured Me Of Oily Skin And Acne

Posted by Jekester on 29 January 2013 - 07:50 PM



I gave my son 7000 IU yesterday, and today we're going up to about 12,000.   My understanding is that our bodies make 10,000 IU from just being in the sun for 15 minutes... most people who go in the sun, are out there longer than 15 minutes, so it's pretty safe at higher levels.  And right now, with it being Winter, I know he probably isn't getting enough sunshine, even from playing at school recess (they don't get very much time).  I also spoke to my son's dr. yesterday, who said he can take much higher IU than I've been giving him, so she wants me to give him a high dose for about a week, to see if there's improvement.   Just since yesterday's dose of 7000, I thought his skin looked better this morning.  I really hope I wasn't hallucinating.... haha. 


SebumSucks-  I'm so encouraged that you're seeing a lot less oil production... that is really what gets to me (besides the bumps of course).  My son's skin is SO oily, I'm always reminding him to blot his face during the day.  I really believe that his body is producing way way WAY too much sebum.  He has so many clogged pores... he also has a history of keratosis pilaris.  I believe there is a correlation between that and acne.


Jekester-  I think it would be hard to "overdo it" with Vit. D... just from what I've heard and read.  It is safe in high doses, it's really a hormone anyway, our bodies need lots of it to be healthy.  And in today's culture, with everyone playing video games, working on computers, watching their huge HDTVs, less and less people spend time outdoors anymore.  So most of us are deficient in Vit.D3, simply because of our modern lifestyle.   But yes, you can request a blood test from your dr. to check your Vit.D level. 

Thanks for the reply! :) and I got a blood test not to long ago today :). I get results back in on Friday hopefully. And I basically never go out in the sun, I used to when I went to school ( no pimples)  but since I dropped out and staying inside A LOT more, I dunno. But yeah. 

My doctor said vitamin d doesn't effect acne? ._. is this true guys?

#3308318 The Diet To The Goal I Want To Achieve

Posted by Jekester on 04 December 2012 - 08:24 PM

So just saw the nutritionist again and was given a whole bunch of foods to eat, a lot of them are surprisingly tasty and I'm exciting to taste them. Can't wait to start seeing some results :).