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For Those Using Retin-A Micro, Help!

26 November 2013 - 09:03 PM

Hey fellow retin-A micro (or other retinoid) users,


I've been using BP 2-3 times per day for about two years (inspired by the regimen.)

It turned my severe acne into mild acne.

My dermatologist recommended I switch to retin-A micro 0.04% to further improve my skin.

My skin is used to harsh acne products, but on reading reviews and the product information I was concerned that I would have excessive irritation to my skin using retin-A.

On the contrary, I've used it for three nights now and it appears to be doing absolutely nothing to my skin.

My skin doesn't turn red, it doesn't feel dry (it actually feels hydrated) it's not peeling, it honestly just feels soothed.

I followed the directions meticulously. I reread them twice to double check. 

Should I be concerned that my skin isn't showing signs of irritation? Perhaps my tough skin needs a stronger prescription?

Or should I just count my blessings that my skin agrees with this product and not worry about it.

I've scoured the internet and haven't found a single person with the same reaction as me. 

Confused, any advice would be greatly appreciated!