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Sofielinney's Blog > End Of Month 4- Week 1, Month 5:photo Update

Posted 18 May 2013

Photo update   End of month 4: week 1, month 560 mg once a day Side effects Very, very dry lips. Both corners of my lips ripped a while ago and they haven't healed since. They keep splitting every time i yawn etc which is really painful!Dry nose, nasal spottingJoint pain, mainly my knees and hips. I cant go to the gym anymore because I ache...

Sofielinney's Blog > Month 4, Week 2. Photo Update

Posted 28 April 2013

   These photos were taken the first day of month 4 on accutane: 60mg a day I currently have no active pimples, blackheads or cysts. Jut very, very dry skin and bleeding lipsSide effects continues  Skin today: 

Sofielinney's Blog > Month 3, Week 2

Posted 30 March 2013

Month 3, week 2 on 60mg accutane I currently have 1 pimple in between my eyebrows and that is it !!! :D I cant remember the last time my skin was this clear, i'm so happy! I have no blackheads either and I've had blackheads always since i was about 12 years old! Its so nice to feel no bumps, cysts or have anything bleeding on my face....

Sofielinney's Blog > Accutane Photos- Starting Month 3

Posted 20 March 2013

Start of month 3  My dermatologist upped my dose from 30mg to 60mg because im still getting some outbreaks, nothing major but still. I'm kinda worried this dose will be too much for me because i only weigh 50kg but im so desperate for perfect skin, clear of acne! Still a lot of PIH all over my face but i feel its fading. Here's a photo update (p...

Sofielinney's Blog > Month 2, Day 19.

Posted 10 March 2013

Still continually breaking out. My skin is better than it was before starting accutane but i'm STILL getting pimples. Before accutane, the only area I had pimples was around my jawline, lower face, but since starting accutane my jawline is completely clear and now my cheeks are the main area where I break out. The pimples fade within a few days, dry...