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Facial Lotion

03 May 2013 - 01:52 PM


This is my first time posting a topic I want to hear reviews of personal trial and fails
I been looking and researching around for a face moisturizer but I have no clue of which to purchase
A little background bout me, I developed acne at age of 16 never severe always mild when I reached age 20 it started to reduce (light acne) now I'm 23 acne is very light probably 1 or 2 pimples per month. I have some scarring not too deep but rolling scars and ice picks which I don't really mind because I'm a guy but I do have uneven skin color( plus I got a bit of freckles so it adds more) and I don't like the texture of my skin is rough dry and dull . To make this post short I'm trying to gain a bit of knowledge on which lotion I should get for my skin. Any info or personal experience please. Also is there any cream gel or lotion to fill in scars not fully but at least a bit ..... Thanks

Sorry for my english is my  4th language