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In Topic: Hello, I'm John & Acne Has Destroyed My Life :(

11 November 2012 - 09:20 PM

I am 42 and my cystic acne is back.  I am trying to find a regimen that works again.  I use to use Oxy wash 10% BP over the counter and Retin A micro and I kept in under control.  Over the past year my acne has become worse and I have tried several different regimens but my acne is not under control.  I feel your pain bro, I too am feeling down myself right now.  I can't give any words of encouragement without blowing smoke up your bum bumPosted Image but I wanted to tell you that you ARE NOT ALONE.  I don't know what we did to deserve this but hang in there and stop taking oral anitbiotics.

I went to the DERM recently and she gave me a regimen with sulfer cleanser and tazorac.  I just sucks that we have to wait 2 to 3 months in order to see if the regimen works.  It is so hard to be patient.  Good luck and keep coming back to this site because this is really the only place that can help us learn and make me feel better.  Try your best to focus on the positive, change your thinking and don't keep wollowing, it will only make your acne worse because of the stress.  Also, looking in the mirror makes your acne worse than what it actually is because mirrors magnify the images.  If you want a better idea of what your acne actually looks like to others take several photos and look at them on your computer, they don't look as bad.

Good luck to you and I hope you feel better.  Stop looking in the mirror so much and spend time doing hobbies, study, barry yourself in books and become a scholar.

I hope this helps.

Amolst 43 and my cystic acne is back.  Posted Image

Thanks Man, I always try to keep my mind off acne but somehow I always wonder back to the same thought

Since you're young, I can bet you your acne is most likely androgenic. The way to solve androgenic acne is by changing your diet. Let me guess what you probably eat.

Grains: Bread, pancakes, donuts, cereal, pastries, etc
Dairy: Milk, cheese, yogurt, etc
Sugar: Soda, Juices, etc

All those are inflammatory foods. Those foods are causing your acne, and probably your brothers too. If you want to get clear and stay clear AND get super healthy, you're going to have to dramatically change your diet, and your mindset of food. Some people say diet has no correlation to acne - They are 100% wrong. Science has disproved this long ago.

Start eating whole foods, which means vegetables, nuts, organic meat, seeds, legumes, and fruits. Anything in a box has to be eliminated. Every meal should be of vegetables and a source of protein and good fats. This is hard for a lot of people because so many people are emotionally attached to food. You have to view food as your energy and not for pleasure. Ironically though, healthy food is DELICIOUS. Steamed vegetables with butter, salt & pepper; Wild-Caught Salmon seasoned with lemon and herbs; amazing. Eggs and vegetables for breakfast; healthy and delicious.

Antibiotics is damaging your system. It's wiping out all of your "good" bacteria. These good bacteria are essential for a properly functioning body. I would start supplementing probiotics immediately; 80-100 billion units daily. Also start supplementing your EFA's (Essential Fatty Acids). Get some flaxseed oil in liquid form and take 1-2 tablespoons with every meal. Also supplement vitamins and minerals with a high quality brand.

I guarantee you you will get clear. I've gotten 5 of my friends clear so far; myself as well.

Also be aware that you could be allergic to certain foods. Soy, eggs, and dairy and some of the most common ones. If you can, get a food allergy test. If not, start eating simple foods and you can pin point what's affecting you.

Best of luck.

Thanks For the GREAT advice. Ive actually tried cutting out dairy in the past but IT just seems impossible but now Imgoing to try to follow your advice as strict as possible