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#3338685 Moisturizer For Extremely Dry Skin?

Posted by anb1998 on 05 April 2013 - 08:40 AM

Okay so I guess you could say what I'm doing for my acne is a version of the regimen. I've been doing it for like a little less than a week and its really clearing up my skin. What I'm doing is washing with luna black soap with shea butter unscented for like 10 seconds in lukewarm water then letting my face dry for about 10 minutes then putting about a quarter size amount of proactivs step 2 (its 2.5% bp) and letting that dry then using an olay moisterizer mixed with olive oil and loading that on then letting it soak in for a few minutes and dabbing off the exess. My skin is seriously so dry since I started this though... even with using the olive oil. I do it twice a day. Oh yeah I forgot to add that I'm like doing to ocm with olive oil before I wash my face because the dead skin build up was getting really bad and that helped and it didn't break me out so I started doing that plus it isn't really a scrub because I'm just using my fingers so it doesn't iritate my skin. Btw I'm 14 and my mom wont buy me any more face stuff because I already have a lot so I can't get anything new. Is there like something I could make for my dry skin or like something I would have around the house to use for it? Will the bp stop drying me out after a while? I'm doing thisbecause I saw the video gossthemakeupartist did on youtube about his acne. He said he used just plain sunscreen and it got rid of the flakyness but I don't really want to put straight up sunscreen on my face.