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A Treatment That Worked For Me And May Work For Others!

18 April 2013 - 02:54 PM

Hi there,

So I've been acne free for about the past 4 months, with the occasional pimple. For a while when my acne was bad, I had visited this site and always sought advice or information on how to curb my issue. I figure it's important to reciprocate what has been helpful to me, and may benefit others and their situation! I'm a 17 year old dude, and was on an antibiotic called Solodyn for a few months. It showed great improvements for me, but I didn't want to become reliant on the drug. I discovered a supplement at my local Vitamin shop (I live in Manhattan) called the Active Health Teen Multivitamin: Potent Skin Clearing Action. I weened off of Solodyn over the course of a month and took one of the multivitamins in the morning and one at night. It's been almost 3 months of not taking a Solodyn antibiotic (one of my major fears is that acne would reoccur by not being on the antibiotic) and I still take the multivitamins. Also included in my regimen is my Clarisonic Mia twice a day and after I apply differin. Differin has been helpful for the tinier acne and bringing it out from under the surface. 

Here is a link to the multivitamin (you can find them cheaper on Amazon or ebay)


I hope this will be helpful to some of you and really hope it becomes a solution to your issue! Checkout the multivitamins, it's worth a shot!

After A Year Of Miserable Acne, How I Finally Resolved It

28 October 2012 - 04:29 PM

Hello everyone,
I have been lurking around this forum for the past year, but never signed up until today, which I am making my first post on how I solved my acne issue. For the past year, my acne increasingly got worse and I went on a hunt to put an end to it. I've become an expert on acne at this point due to the amount of research I've put into it. I am a 17 year old dude who lives in the city, so there are tons of "Acne treatments" from spa's and such to my availability, which prove to not be a resolution. I visited 3 dermatologists, went through many laser treatments, changed my diet, used holistic-at-home masks and toners, numerous topicals, a series of chemical peels,supplements etc. I understand how tedious the trial-and-error's are when in the search for a resolution. Acne made my life hell, there were gorgeous days in the summer where I refused to go outside because of it. As of now, I can say that my face is almost completely clear of inflamed acne and all that are  left are a few comedones, scars and red marks. I don't feel embarrassed to go into public anymore. Beginning about 2 months ago, after going through numerous laser treatments from my dermatologist, she finally decided to put me on a regimine. I was so determined to get rid of my acne, that I stuck with this regimen and still do. The regimen she prescribed was Clindamycin Lotion in the morning, Differin at night and 1 tab of solodyn everyday. It does take patience to acquire results, but certainly in a month or 2 you should notice a difference. About every other night I use an exfoliator before I apply differin. The exfoliator certainly does help with the red marks.I also changed my diet, as I haven't eaten fast food, include vegetables and fruits everyday, and also meat/chicken. Certain people have better results with other treatments, but I figured I'd post mine in hopes of helping another acne sufferer out there. I wish all of you luck, and any questions feel free to ask!

-Clindamycin Lotion (Morning)
-Solodyn 80mg
-DermaC Vitamin A/Glycolic Acid Exfoliator
-Zinc 50mg
-Vitamin C 500mg
-3 Carrots
-Other vegies, protein
-About 90oz of Water a Day