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In Topic: After A Year Of Miserable Acne, How I Finally Resolved It

02 November 2012 - 09:59 PM

Hey! I also plan on this being a phase of my teenage years that I'll be more than happy to forget! Unfortunately I had a bad breakout on one side of my face this week, I think it's due to my lack of maintaining the regimen the past week since the hurricane(I live in the city) Hmm basically I try to avoid sugary foods, I go to the gym so I do have protein bars and eat chicken/meat. Recently, I've been drinking Almond milk which tastes very similar to normal milk if not better, and is healthier for you! I drink tons of water throughout the day, I'll usually drink about 90oz just at the gym. The diet you wrote in your description is pretty similar to mine. How are the chemical peels going for your red marks?