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Anyone whos interested in my silly stuff > An Unforseen Ib From Regimen

Posted 19 December 2013

Have you ever wondered why someone liked you so much? What is so great about you? What's so special, nothing special.
Have you ever wondered why the hell someone DIDN'T like you as much? You're freaking awesome sauce.
Yeah well I just thought how weird those things are and how probably ALL of us have experienced it even tho...

Anyone whos interested in my silly stuff > Should Be Sleeping (Dans Bp Ud & Jo)

Posted 08 November 2013

Aside from watching Youtube vids since I came out of work, I decided to also procrastinate sleep by writing a blog. Pf.
So UD means update and JO <Jojoba oil. Lovely we cleared that.
I should be sleeping because idk the last week or the week before that I was getting amazing sleep and my skin was looking amazing but those are very rare points in my li...

Anyone whos interested in my silly stuff > 7 Months Post Accutane And Now Dan's Regimen

Posted 16 October 2013

Try me once and I might let you go.
Accutane felt like that, it was a gamble, a gamble that some win at and some lose at. Some walk away scotch free and others paid a toll. I was one of the unfortunate ones that did have to pay a price but I don't regret taking Accutane one bit. It was a miracle drug for me at the time.
That's all I wanted to say about Ac...

Ms8thwonder's Blog > Experiencing Extreme Hair Loss Quitting Accutane 20Mg A Day :|

Posted 15 March 2013

Hey guys, I haven't posted much of updates but as you would all know by now my acne is completely gone.As much as I wanted to stay on the accutane and as much as I have tried to tough out the side effect this one is just way too harsh...I'm losing a lot of hair right now. I tried taking Biotin when I noticed it, applying oils for the day and washing my ha...

Ms8thwonder's Blog > Some Advice To Those Who Are Stubborn Like I Was

Posted 22 January 2013

So first off I want to say lets face it. No, really lets face it, we have acne. If your face is full of zits and you're all like "Why can they eat whatever the hell they want with a clear face and I can't cause supposeably it causes MY acne?" Well, I don't know much about whether things like eating junk food or such things as smoking...