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#3361030 Repairing the long-term damage from Accutane

Posted by bamdaze on 23 June 2013 - 07:41 PM

I have access to MSM powder here so I'll just give it a try as well. Milk mitigates the bitterness btw. One teaspoon in a glass of milk and I barely notice it. Just tastes less sweet ;).


Concerning candida etc.: I think it's not the problem. This is purely anecdotal but I have an imbalanced gut flora, no candida overgrowth though, and most symptoms subside for a while after bile flow stimulation for example via coffee. I would agree with the point that maintaining proper bile flow will regulate gut flora on its own.


It's a complex topic and my accutainted brain struggles to keep track. Sometimes I'm in doubt where to start. Hormones, organs, everything is interconnected. Treat the liver? Or treat the thyroid and the liver will heal itself? Or treat the brain and the thyroid will heal itself? Or treat on all levels simultaneously and hope for the best? I really don't know... seems the focus is on the liver for now.


Apart from DHT inbition, liver toxicity seems to be the strongest culprit. As far as I read through the posts and science, the exact liver toxic mechanism is not known? Also, no one on this thead has a proper diagnosis showing liver damage? MRI etc.? I personally had moderately elevated liver enzymes in the past which are now very low again, but haven't had ultrasound or more yet. Wouldn't it be helpful if a few of us had their liver thoroughly scanned or even a biopsy? We might get to a point where we are able to connect the dots ourselves (although it's a bit naive I admit) instead of waiting for the research to happen. At least the result would show if it's safe to take UCDA.


I just think the trial and error thing isn't the optimal approach, surely the damage can be diagnosed properly... even if it takes some acting to get the doctors do the tests :|.

#3350279 Repairing the long-term damage from Accutane

Posted by bamdaze on 20 May 2013 - 06:28 PM

Too much Iodine might trigger/worsen autoimmune thyroiditis. Not sure about Graves', but many people with Hashimoto's don't tolerate Iodine supplementation or even Iodine in fish or dairy.

Iodine deficiency is unlikely. Interestingly there are people (google Dr. Brownstein) who advocate high-dose Iodine for thyroiditis and claim it's safe. If symptoms arise or worsen then that's surely just detox and the dose isn't high enough :P. At that point my bs detector ticked off. Yet I tried it and got diarrhea for days. Good thing was I needed less sleep. 


Still taking a few supplements. Especially prebiotics (psyllium husks and inulin) have improved my digestion. I don't feel particularly different after gluten but plan to eat gluten-free nevertheless.

#3325998 Repairing the long-term damage from Accutane

Posted by bamdaze on 11 February 2013 - 10:29 AM

So I've been found to have low sIgA levels, which means my intestinal mucosal lining is damaged. Also I have a rather high white blood cell count. In other words, my immune system is quite busy reacting to all the stuff that enters via the intestines. I will get a sonography of my gallbladder and liver next week and try to get my hands on UCDA. Heres my plan:


1. Get the bile flowing / support digestion / possibly elimination of Accutane


- Epsom Salts


- Olive Oil / Lemon combo

- Taurine

- Apple Cider Vinegar

- Glucaric acid, either by supplementation of Calcium D-Glucarate and/or fruits & veggies


2. Repair mucosal lining / boost sIgA


- L-Glutamine powder

- Zinc

- Vitamin A (via cod liver oil) to replace Accutane if it's still there

- Music

- Humor

- Avoid stress


3. Help the body cope with the symptoms - those things help me temporarily / calm my immune system


- Fish oil

- Raw garlic

- Hypoallergenic foods (i.e. limiting/avoiding gluten, dairy, nuts, additives etc.)



Furthermore I will probably try Triamcinolone or a similar corticosteroid and see if it does anything to reduce the severity of symptoms.

#3296368 Repairing the long-term damage from Accutane

Posted by bamdaze on 20 October 2012 - 11:16 AM


I've been reading the whole thread and want to contribute my experience and story. I'll make it rather short but will probably write a longer story in the negative accutane experiences thread. I took Accutane for about 13 months 5-6 years ago at a low dose, don't exactly remember and had rather light sideeffects (chapped lips etc., nothing mental) My Acne was cleared and I was happy as far as that goes and didn't have any sideeffects after the treatment that I noticed. A year later I moved out and started working 8 hours a day and noticed a lack of energy. I just couldn't do with 8 hours of sleep a night and needed sleep immediately after work, which then resulted in a screwed up sleep schedule (4 hours after work, 5 hours before work.. different every day). THe work was a bit stressful but nothing major..

I started reading about nutrition and modified my diet. About 2 years into it - literally overnight - I felt absolutely amazing. Woke up at 5 am, felt refreshed after 3 hours of sleep and had energy the whole day and for the next two months. Then it stopped working. That was 2 years ago. I tried to imitate it and did experiments, eliminated factors etc. ... had some success for a day or two, but nothing worked consistently. About one year ago, a lot of the symptoms started to get worse progressively until now, with ups and downs. Among them constipation, heat intolerance, need 10 hours of sleep and not feel refreshed (I feel refreshed now but still need 10 hours ^^), bloating (not anymore), slow thinking and slow speech, anxiety, heartpounding and palpitations, exercise intolerance (i.e. exhausted very quickly), no hunger, almost no thirst, light numbness occasionally in the right arm.

That sucks badly, but could be worse. It also varies strongly depending on sleep quality and diet as well as psychosocial things like laughing a lot or flirting. It's not easy though ;). Interestingly, when I feel bad -> introverted, anxious, no emotions. But when I feel good -> more extroverted, uber self-confident, making jokes all the time. It is as if half my personality just depends on what I ate the day before.. :P

It took me a long time to even think of Accutane as a possible cause. I must admit though that I have been quite introverted, passive, underweight and not very emotional (i.e. schizoid) for the first 17-18 years of my life. I have changed alot since then and have been an entirely different human during this period when I felt amazing. Therefore, even if I am genetically predisposed, I know I can be "cured", adopt an awesome personality and life without even trying. My self-efficacy is sky-high and feeling one day of awesomeness is enough to keep me motivated for months ;).

So what did I do/try? Bloodwork 2 years, 3 years and 6 years after Accutane says: Thyroid levels are okay (my mother and grandmother had thyroid issues). Liver Enzymes are elevated at the moment (AST at 117 or so), but have not been elevated 2 years after Accutane. I have to make another appointment to get more information and diagnosis options. Vitamins and Minerals have been checked to some extent and show no deficiencies. Especially Vitamin D was tested for rather high (40 something) considering I spent most of the time in front of the computer and in the bed ;D. Testosterone was good, free Testosterone was not tested though.

I tried a lot. What did work?

- Niacin Megadose. First time I took 1000mg, I felt cured. Completely cured for 1-2 days. BUT I doesn't work anymore, or only for Anxiety/Mood issues, not resolving the other symptoms. I also suspect it to have caused the elevated liver enzymes, although I didn't take that much (maybe 20g over a couple of months).
- Fish (Oil). When I eat lots of fish, maybe about 10-20g Omega3, I wake up relaxed and with a good mood, really feeling how the inflammation has cooled down. Somehow it doesn't work all the time. :P Don't know if supplements do the job.
- Lots of Olive Oil with high phenol content. This is what I did (among other things) when I felt amazing. For breakfast: A few tablespoons pure and another few with some bread (it's not nasty if it's a good olive oil). There are definitely other factors involved though, which I am currently testing.
- Fresh Turmeric Root (not the powder). Same effect as fish oil, just stronger. Super refreshing sleep and the first time I ate a few roots, I had more vivid dreams in one night than normally in one month. I can get it quite cheap in my local health food store. Indian/Asian stores should have it, too.
- Laughter. Seriously, it helps a ton. Although it is nearly impossible to create some for myself when I feel like shit, you can always watch comedy or something.. :) or just have a funny friend ;).
- Social anything. Flirting, sharing, donating, communicating, it makes a big difference. Something about oxytocin. I have to read more into it. Of course it's difficult with the anxiety..
- Create. I occasionally make music and have made a lot more in the past. It absolutely helps, although it is much more difficult to find the energy and inspiration when you're feeling like shit.

What I think probably helped:

- Lemon. Being extremely exhausted, I craved lemons and just ate 4 of them lol. I felt quite good immediately after it and for the rest of the day and part of the next day. Exactly imitated my food and activity schedule (I have a diary) and it didn't work again. Damn :D.
- Bell Peppers (Paprika). Testing them currently.
- Chili Peppers. Felt completely cured after a heavy meal of those, but wasn't able to repeat it. Probably just due to a faster metabolism. Now they just dry me out.
- Enough Fat. Animal Fat especially, but Olive Oil does the job too as far as I think at the moment.. without it I'm just even more anxious and depressed :P
- Coconut. Awesome for boosting libido, but I haven't had problems there to begin with.

What worsens my symptoms:

- Heat (anything above 15° really. Summer sucked)
- Exercise
- Stress (in any form, loud noises etc.)
- Caffeine (although short-term benefit)
- Chocolate (short-term benefit)
- Milk (congests me in a weird way). Most cheese is fine and actually gives me more energy.
- Not eating for a long time
- Eating too much fat without eating lemons to it. If I have lemons (and I also add koriander), then I can easily have and digest 100gs of fat at once.
- Eating lean protein on itself
- Eating only fat on itself
- Eating too many carbs on itself

Not a complete list. I tried Taurine (powder and Magnesium Taurate) in quite high doses for two weeks and didn't really feel anything besides sleeping even longer haha, so.. I think I'll just use it up, won't do any damage I guess.. also tried NAC, ALA, Vit C, B6, Iodine with Selenium and the other stuff, just chucking the pills... didn't feel anything from it. I will probably use them up, but I don't know.. dietary changes have such a huge impact. If those supplements did anything, wouldn't I at least remotely feel a difference over two weeks? Also Vit B12: Took 10mgs of the highly absorbable form sublingually and didn't feel anything. So I discontinued because that gets expensive :P. I also tried the liver flush once a few weeks ago, had some soft "stones", it was nasty ^^, and I didn't feel anything besides the relief from cleaning your colon.

In the past I adhered to a paleo-like diet, it's called the Bulletproof Diet (google will find you something) and concentrates on minimizing food toxins, maximizing micronutrients while getting 50-70% from fat and the rest from protein/carbs. It is basically Meat/Fish/Eggs (+Healthy Fats)  + (starchy) Veggies. It probably doesn't get much better than that. I felt quite good on it but it is tough to get enough calories, especially if you're not hungry. Not that it's all about calories, but I'm underweight already. I still eat like that with the occasional cheese, bread and chocolate (no chocolate at the moment for testing purposes). The diet focuses on food quality, which means grass-fed hormone-free beef, low-pesticide veggies/fruit and wild fish and pastured eggs as the main parts.

@Connor: I think everyone agrees that getting a lot of veggies and, to some degree, fruits, is very beneficial. I have made the same experience, on days without veggies I don't feel the same. But why? My "theory" is it's because of the Lithium or other trace minerals. If you eat a lot of veggies, you'll get a lot of Lithium compared to chocolate and cookie eaters. Even meat eaters. Lithium somehow balances the neurotransmitters in the brain and therefore prevents depression and also mania. Furthermore, more veggies/fruits means better hydration, soluble fiber and also more potassium.
But: High-quality animal foods provide a great amount of B-Vitamins, Iron and Zinc among other things. The "Shellfish diet" works because shellfish are fucking abundant in all sorts of vitamins and minerals, among them Selenium and B12 where you have only few alternatives, or even none for B12 (as far as I know).

What the hell, it's only theory anyway :). Just wanna advise that (raw) veganism is not the ultimate diet. Keep an open mind and don't develop a religious attitude about animal foods. They have been part of the human diet for long enough. Not fried chicken and salami pizza, but like you said: real food.

I am running some experiments at the moment but also have exams coming in a week. After that I will look into earthing as another method to reduce inflammation. I had  two beach vacations whereafter I felt amazing for a day or two. I think it has to do either with the electricity (bare foot on earth, beach in my case, nullifies your static electricity load) or the air.

Thanks for reading the wall of text if you've got that far ;)