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In Topic: What Is This And How Can It Be Treated?

13 August 2013 - 01:57 PM

Will washcloth exfoliation like 1-2 times a week help to fill in the collagen?

In Topic: What Is This And How Can It Be Treated?

11 August 2013 - 09:14 PM

Aw thank you so much sweetie! I'm definitely going to stick with the Aczone and see what happens. Keeping my fingers crossed for good results!


And in reference to the Adaphalene (Differin), if you skin was not tolerating the retinoid then it could have caused some permanent damage. When you were using the cream did you experience dryness, irritation, hyperpigmentation, etc? The rest of your regimen, including the lifestyle, sounds really healthy and productive! Just make sure you do everything in moderation, but regardless of whether or not it helps your acne, you are leading a very healthy life smile.png The only thing I would say is be careful with Vitamin E because although it helps rejuvenate skin on your body, facial skin can be extremely sensitive to it! A while back I starting taking Vitamin E supplements and noticed an immediate adverse reaction (my skin breaking out). 


Hope everything goes well. Good luck at the dermatologist surprised.gif


Good. I hope everything works out for you with the Aczone. :)


As for the Differin my derm never said I was allergic to the Differin so I doubt it. Never really experienced any other sort of irritation or hyperpigmentation with it. A bit of dryness, yes, which was because I never really used a moisturizer at that time as I was never recommended to by the derm. Wish I had, but at the time it was all very new to me. Yeah I don't think going crazy with the diet, just trying to eat much better. As for the pills, I take Hair, Skin, and Nails, three times a day which I think has helped quite a bit. We shall see when I meet my new derm in two weeks. :)


Thanks for the encouragement. All the best. :)

In Topic: What Is This And How Can It Be Treated?

11 August 2013 - 06:50 PM

About 10 months ago I became concerned with an area on the left side of my face. It appeared to me to be a bit scarlike/depressed. I went to the dermatologist, explained the problem, and all she basically did was prescribe me with Retin A Micro .04%, saying it would smooth out. It's like she didn't even see it when I clearly pointed it out. Well... I've used Retina A Micro for about 9 months now and I haven't seen much improvement at all in the area. Acne free, yes for the most part. The occasional pimple now and then but the scarlike/depressed area still remains. I've recently been using Aloe Vera gel on the area twice a day, running/exercising, drinking lots of water, and eating a very healthy diet of foods that contain Vitamin E, C, A, etc. Spinach, sunflower seeds, etc. in hopes that area will fill in naturally with new collagen. I'm hoping to avoid any type of surgery. I would like for this area to heal the natural way.


What puzzles me is the right side of my face is perfectly fine. No problems whatsoever. I don't really understand the cause of the depression/lack of collagen on the left side. I never really had anything like severe acne or even acne in the area from what I recall. Maybe a bit of initial dryness but that's about all I can recall. It's quite frustrating :/ I'm going to a new, higher rated dermatologist in about two weeks, but before then I'd like to get some feedback if possible. Perhaps someone can tell me 1) if this actually a scar or not and 2) if it is how can I treat it? Again, I'd like to avoid any surgery. I'm young, only 22.


I've listed what I use on a daily basis below as well as two pictures of the area. I doubt it, but could any of these medications be counterproductive in healing the area?




-Cerave Hydrating Cleanser


-Aloe Vera 100% gel

-Cerave Moisturizing Cream




-Cerave Hydrating Cleanser

-Retin a Micro .04%


-Aloe Vera 100% gel

-Cerave Moisturizing Cream


Hair Skin and Nails Pills (x3)







Has that area always been like that? And what does the texture feel like? I would say looking at it, that it seems like scar tissue, but if you've never had acne there than I'm not sure. It definitely does NOT look like something that Retin-A Micro would be prescribed for, so that's a bit puzzling... It may come down to that you will need to have some kind of scar removal done. Probably in dermarolling category of scar treatment. 

BTW... How do you like Aczone? I've been using it for a month and have not seen the grand results that I was hoping for... Can you fill me in on your experience with it, if you don't mind? 


No it hasn't. The texture feels a bit rough compared the rest of my face. That's the thing, I don't remember having acne there. I've never really had severe acne or anything like that. Just your occasional mild breakout, which went away in a few days or so. The only thing I can think of that might of caused it is dryness. When I used to use Differin from about late 2011 - middle 2012, I never used a moisturizer as I was never informed from my dermatologist to use one. So that might of caused it but I can't be sure. It doesn't really make sense because the right side of my face is completely fine. No depressions or anything, and I treated it pretty much the same way as the left side of my face. I'm crossing my fingers that it will go away naturally with time and eating foods containing Vitamin A, C, E, etc, drinking a lot of water, exercising, exfoliating, etc. Also I think the Retin A might help with collagen production as well but not really sure. I can't wait till I go to my new derm in about two weeks to get his advice. Hopefully it is good. :) From what I gather he's supposed to be the best.


I like Aczone. In combination with the Retin A it does a good job in keeping the acne down. It also isn't nearly as drying as the Retin A, so I apply a bit more liberally. I don't really know your situation but I'd say to definitely stay with it. It takes a little while to adjust, but in the end it should work out. At least for me for it did. :)




If that is you in the profile pic, I must say you are gorgeous. :)

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27 January 2013 - 05:02 PM

Your face looks very clear to me?

But don't you notice the left side?

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18 January 2013 - 08:17 AM