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In Topic: Feeling Down About My Skin

09 October 2013 - 02:16 AM

So apparently my scars have been looking better! My friend said something to me last night, hesitantly telling me that my skin looked smoother (again, this is something I don't really talk to my friends about, but I'm sure she wanted to be supportive).


It could be one of two things. About a month ago I was breaking out REALLY badly around my chin, and I went to a clinic that recommended I believe a Yag or smoothbeam laser. It was supposed to help with my acne and also a little with the scarring. 


Well my skin broke out worse! So then my chiropractor, of all people, told me to try Vitamin A. He said that he had really bad acne and taking a high dose of vitamin A for two weeks permanently cleared up his skin (Accutane is derived from Vit A). He told me to take 50,000 mg of non-synthetic Vitamin A and 150 mg of Zinc for two weeks. I ended up taking it for almost three weeks and it really cleared up my skin. 


So I don't know if it was the laser or the super high dose of Vit A (I've kinda lost faith in lasers from things people have said on this board), but my skin looks better! I still have the loss of volume but I am looking into my options. Luckily, fat transfer could also help with some of the deepest scars that subcision couldn't help. And I am going to try another round of Vit A to clear my skin up any more. 


Just wanted to give a positive update. smile.png


Would you say there has been drastic improvement in your rolling scars since you had the subcision? If so, how long after did you start to see improvement? I'm seriously considering subcision for the rolling scar on my cheek. But when you say 'loss of volume' that kind of gives me cold feet. Did subcision make it worse?

In Topic: Feeling Down About My Skin

18 September 2013 - 02:41 PM

Yes, I did. I think he charges a very reasonable rate for subcision. I also definitely see improvement in some of my scars. 
The young man who originally told me about Dr. Spencer contacted me on this forum. He said that he didn't think the man was careful when doing the subcision. I haven't had subcision with anyone else, so I can't compare. 

Isn't it around 500-550?


And the young man you are you talking about, was it kidrock29520? I'm not entirely sure if subcision is necessary in my case, but am thinking about going for a consultation just to be sure. I have like one rolling type scar that is bothering me, but am currently on a vegan diet and using Retin-A Micro in hopes that it will fill in. But to be honest, after reading your post about your scars looking worse and worse after two subcisions has got me thinking twice about this.

In Topic: Feeling Down About My Skin

17 September 2013 - 08:34 PM

So my scarring improved from two subcisions, but they are more pronounced because of facial fat loss. As I lose weight in general, my scarring looks worse and worse. 


This is something I've struggled with for ten years. I want to do something to help my skin. I'm so tired of waiting. I've been spending a lot of time looking for surgeons or methods of correcting my scarring instead of having fun and enjoying my time off.


I'm accustomed to being able to tell my friends anything that's bothering me, but this is the one topic that's off-limits for me. I wonder what I've missed out on and continue to miss out on...jobs, relationships, etc., because of my skin.


Just wanted to vent.

Did you end up using Dr. Spencer for your subcisions? I'm thinking of making an appointment with him soon.

In Topic: What Is This And How Can It Be Treated?

13 August 2013 - 01:57 PM

Will washcloth exfoliation like 1-2 times a week help to fill in the collagen?

In Topic: What Is This And How Can It Be Treated?

11 August 2013 - 09:14 PM

Aw thank you so much sweetie! I'm definitely going to stick with the Aczone and see what happens. Keeping my fingers crossed for good results!


And in reference to the Adaphalene (Differin), if you skin was not tolerating the retinoid then it could have caused some permanent damage. When you were using the cream did you experience dryness, irritation, hyperpigmentation, etc? The rest of your regimen, including the lifestyle, sounds really healthy and productive! Just make sure you do everything in moderation, but regardless of whether or not it helps your acne, you are leading a very healthy life smile.png The only thing I would say is be careful with Vitamin E because although it helps rejuvenate skin on your body, facial skin can be extremely sensitive to it! A while back I starting taking Vitamin E supplements and noticed an immediate adverse reaction (my skin breaking out). 


Hope everything goes well. Good luck at the dermatologist surprised.gif


Good. I hope everything works out for you with the Aczone. :)


As for the Differin my derm never said I was allergic to the Differin so I doubt it. Never really experienced any other sort of irritation or hyperpigmentation with it. A bit of dryness, yes, which was because I never really used a moisturizer at that time as I was never recommended to by the derm. Wish I had, but at the time it was all very new to me. Yeah I don't think going crazy with the diet, just trying to eat much better. As for the pills, I take Hair, Skin, and Nails, three times a day which I think has helped quite a bit. We shall see when I meet my new derm in two weeks. :)


Thanks for the encouragement. All the best. :)