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In Topic: Need Help With A Moisturizer Problem

16 October 2014 - 10:36 AM

Aloe vera didn't seem to work...Any other suggestions? I think my skin could look a lot better if it was properly moisturized.. i try to drink a lot of water, but there is only so much water i can drink during a day..

Did you try the oils? I'd be willing to bet your lipid (oil) layer is compromised and needs repair. Drinking water is important, yes - but if your skin's lipid layer is compromised, water will just evaporate through your skin. Your skin's ability to retain water depends on that layer. Aloe won't help much with that, as there aren't any oils in aloe.

Try 5-6 drops of jojoba as your moisturizer.

I used both jojoba oil and Acne.org moisturizer (and combined them together) and they made like a layer on of yellow on top of my skin so I guess it didn't sink in properly. As for safflower oils or grapeseed i have yet to try them out. Thanks for trying to help me smile.png

Hyaluronic Acid is the only other moisture I'd recommend for your sensitive skin, or an Aloe serum (Body Shope, not pure aloe,) or a serum with hyaluronic acid. I have NEVER been able to use a moisturizer, either, and using pure oil daily is playing with fire if you're acne-prone.

A Vitamin A serum with a hyaluronic base would be ideal for you.

Adding oil to dry acne can be a nightmare of dead oily skin. Jojoba, grapeseed, olive and coconut oils mimic sebum, so try mixing in with oatmeal and honey and making a mask instead of applying it directly, and leave it on for an hour before bed. DON"T SLEEP IN MOISTURE.

If the oatmeal/honey/oil mask doesn't take care of everything, get a small water spritzer bottle. Put a few drops of oil in it with distilled water, and spritz your face throughout the day- this even works with makeup and makes it look better.

Evian also has a mineral water skin spray which is amazing, but expensive. Don't give up on the power of pure H20!

And of course, figure out why your skin is so dry and fix that. Are you taking balanced EFA's? Vitamin E? what medications are you taking? What cleansers and shampoos are you using?

If the driness is due to irritation from soap in your cleanser or shampoo (or too much BP or salicylic,) use a different one.

It's also possible your skin is dependent on having moisturizer on it and that quitting them all together while taking fish oil (and grapeseed or coconut oil, if your diet is lacking fat all together.)
I'll say it again, DON'T SLEEP IN MOISTURIZER. Night time is when your oil rebalances and skin cell turnover takes place.

When you quit topical lotion-moisturizers, your skin will normalize on it's own.

But hyaluronic acid is the next step!!!

I never heard about hyaluronic acid, but will definetely check this out. I am very skeptical to oils as well, but I am willing to try anything at this point.. I am taking multi-vitamins and fishoil. I've tried for a while to not use any topical creams on my face and only eat healthy, take fishoils + vitamins and drink lots of water. Didn't seem to do much really..it definetely didn't normalize on it's own unfortunately.. Thanks for the tips smile.png


Oh, and I use head and shoulders as shampoo and no cleanser, because i am afraid of it drying my skin even more..

In Topic: Need Help With A Moisturizer Problem

14 September 2014 - 03:26 PM

Aloe vera didn't seem to work...Any other suggestions? I think my skin could look a lot better if it was properly moisturized.. i try to drink a lot of water, but there is only so much water i can drink during a day..

In Topic: Need Help With A Moisturizer Problem

02 September 2014 - 04:46 AM

Thanks for the replies guys :) I'll try them both out

In Topic: Serious Dead Skin Problem

07 August 2013 - 04:42 PM

Babser, I was reading online about different possible things that could be the cause of what you are going through. It sounds like your skin has been through quite a bit in the past 3 years so your skin may be in the healing stage right now. If your acne has calmed down the past 4-5 months and the only thing that seems to be persistent is the odd flaky skin and raw skin underneath, possibly it is just your skin trying to rebuild itself.  It could also be the broken capillaries, because alot of people who have them were talking about how they had used lots of products on their skin and it damaged the delicate veins. I personally use a face wash called clinique redness relief soothing cleanser, and I've used it for about 5 months and all redness on my face is gone. It might help with the raw, red skin underneath. And yep, I'm here to help you out! smile.png


Yeah, i guess it has.. I just hope it isn't permanentely damaged. The way my mindstate is like i really couldn't live with myself if that ought to be the case.


Im gonna wait for my products from Paulas Choice (they seem to have good knowledge about skincare judging from their website. A lot of info and so on) and be very gentle with amounts and see if it improves my skin. If it doesn't work i will definetely give the clinique redness relief soothing cleanser a try. Thanks again :) you've been most helpful

In Topic: Serious Dead Skin Problem

07 August 2013 - 04:11 PM




Babser, I've never experienced this before so I'm not quite sure what it is. Do you have a picture of it? It sounds like you have dead skin cells that are piling on top of one another and the best way to get rid of this is to exfoliate. It is odd though that when you do exfoliate, the skin underneath is red and raw instead of healthy. What type of acne products do you use? They might be causing the redness and peeling. 

hmm, right now i use nothing. just wash my face with water when i shower morning and evening. yes, i did in fact take a picture this morning because it was looking worse than usual


Picture is taken after i've removed the dead skin cells surface.

Is it possible that you have broken capillaries under the skin? Does your skin feel sensitive or bumpy where the redness is? It does not look like the redness is all over your face so that's why I ask. I found a picture on google images of a person with broken capillaries on her cheeks. http://www.wellaser....48351_pigb2.png

My skin in general is really sensitive, so i don't really know.. it does look similar, but i think it's more above the skin than it is underneath it. Some of the spots might be red marks from previous acne too.

Hmm, have you tried going to the dermatologist?  Since your skin is very sensitive, it makes sense that you are using a minimalist skin routine. But, maybe by just using water you are doing your skin more harm than good. How long have you been doing the just water route? 

Yeah, i tried going to a dermatologist.. he prescribed me accutane after 3 minutes, barely even looked at my skin. It was a total joke.


I have probably been using the only water routine for 4-5 months now. Before that i used the Acne.org Mousturizer for almost a year, until i figured out it was actually making my dead skin cells shed off even less (it was probably due to the jojoba making them sticky).


I've had many routines over the years i've had acne (since i was around 15, i am now 18). At first my regular doctor prescribed me antibiotics combined with topicals. The first one being something called Tetracyclin Actavis 250mg combined with Dalacin clindamycin. This didnt seem to work at all, so he gave me a different kind of antibiotics called Tetracyclin Arco 250mg, now combined with Differin gel. He later decided to give me a third type of antibiotic called Ery-max erytromycin 250mg. This combination I was on for about a year or so, and I cant say i saw much improvement. The stupid thing I did during this period was not to use any moisturizer, so my face was very irritated and red from the differin gel. I wasnt very aware of my skin at that time because I thought if i just kept on using this routine it would eventually work. He didn't educate me at all about how antibiotics worked, and i didn't look it up because i trusted him.


Later on i've been more careful about how i treat my acne. I've tried a couple of moisturizers that has not worked well on my skin, some vitamin supplements and something called niactil, which is basicly niacinamide and salicylic acid. But i've always been very careful about amounts etc after i quit doing differin/antibiotics.


Some days i feel like my skin is like this because of something i did.. and that it will always be like that.. other days when my skin has improved i feel like it's just something that comes with my acne and that i just have to wait for it to take an end...


Well, you got the whole story now. I feel very confused and dont really know what to make of all this. Thanks for caring anyway smile.png