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Oily/dry Red Skin Bumps

06 August 2013 - 08:35 AM

Hey everyone i have had this oily forhead with tiny bumps that feels dry for a long time now. I only use water at the moment and i was wondering how to get rid of it. It does not itch and it feels tight even though it looks oily. Btw. i have had many pimples on my forhead and tried tons of natural products16aa70z.jpg

Eczema, Rosacea Or Just Dry Skin From Winter?

10 January 2013 - 05:55 AM

what do you think?
when i feel very hot it blushes, but only on my nose and my left cheek?
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Caveman Regimen Problem (With Pictures))

10 January 2013 - 05:39 AM

Hello everyone besides that the caveman cleared my acne i also got something wierd on my left cheek and nose? Its looking a little red and blotchy. I wonder if its because the skin regulates itself it also feels dry sometimes. When i feel very hot it tends to blush on the left side of the cheeks and especially my nose!

Is it a sign of healing or you think its dehydrated?
Please help

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Too Much Beta Caroten

07 January 2013 - 08:42 AM

Hey i am clear but now another problem i have is that people notice my face is yellow. I am 100% sure that its because of my huge vegetable/beta caroten intake. Also i take multivitamins which has twice as much as i need for one day.

I've cut down on the food and stopped taking the multivitamin to try to stop it since i think its annoying when people ask me about my yellow face. I am just wondeirng how long will this discoloration long?

The Extreme Caveman Regimen - 100% Guranteed You Will Clear Your Acne (Only For People...

04 January 2013 - 03:51 AM

Hey quick intro, i promised myself and some other people that when i found the real cure of acne i was gonna release it to help as many people as i can. I was fed up and done with all the products i have tried, even lemons, coconut oil, olive oil, aztec clay mask and all those natural things seemed to help but i would still break out, also i had the most clean diet you can imagine, only veggies and avocados but i would still break out! Why? I now have the answer - my skin was out of balance so no matter how hard i tried internally i would never clear my acne fully. I am now on day 25 of this regimen and i can tell you this i have not got 1 breakout since the day i started this regimen!

My results:
My skin is clear, the hyperpigmentation has got away 80% and keeps improving.
I feel much better and i have alot of energy!
My skintone has now been restored and it looks perfectly normal like when i was 12
I can pretty much eat all of the things i thought was giving me acne before (still eat very clean for max improvment)

Other results:
Dead skin on my face (goes away by time and is an overrated problem)
Blotch easy if i eat spicy foods or if the temperatur is too hot!
Kind of dry tight feeling in the beginning but gets better for every day.

How to do the extreme caveman regimen:
Stop washing your face:
I am 100% sure all people in the world are born with a skin that is supposed to treat itself. After this regimen i dont even doubt it. When you keep washing your face 2-3 times a day using all kinds of shit chemicals or other things that cause irritation your skins "acid mantle" dont work and all the natural oils that are supposed to fight the bad bacteria keeps getting washed away. Simply your skin needs a break!

Stop washing your hair - have you ever heard of those famous actors who dont wash their hair? After 25 days of not washing my hair i understand why. Notice that i was using an organic shampoo which SHOULD be one of the best naturals out there, but i had dandruff and i noticed that everytime i used it i would break out on my forehead. After 2 weeks the dandruff went away and i noticed today that my hair kind of healed itself and cleanse itself, in the beginning it was kind of oily looking but now it looks perfectly normal and i actully like it alot.

Eat like a caveman:
I always had a pretty clean diet that was very similar to paleo diet. All you have to do is eat like a caveman, google paleo diet and start eating like that from tommorrow. Some things i recommend you dont eat are: fruits, dried fruits and hazelnuts, peanuts.

Don't masturbate:
Yes stop masturbating, it definately is not a root cause of acne but it contributes if you still get acne! Let your body have a break and if you can't do this, try at least 1 mounth!

For how long time? and what should you do after?
Since i am on day 25 and not havent finished it yet its a hard question to ask, but what i do know is that i cleared my acne forever and thats why we are all here right? I cleared it in 25 days. I want to try this regimen for to more mounths before starting washing my face again. WHY!!?! because i got inspired by TheLoveVitamin and she had the best results on mounth 3 so why not continue? http://www.thelovevi...3-month-update/

After you have done this, try wash your face with cold water every 3rd day. That is my plan and when i come to the part where i'm going to wash my face again i will update this thread.

Thanks for reading i hope this will inspire you and cure your acne like it cured mine!

And when you notice you can eat bad foods again, remember that a clean diet makes your skin heal faster ;)