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My Infini Treatment For My Acne Scarring

09 November 2012 - 06:15 PM

HI all,

I had my first treatment of Infini for my Acne Scarring today with Dr. Patel (VIVA Clinic) which went better than anticapted as I was expecting blood, pain and discomfort, however I have tough Irish Skin which might help Posted Image Infini is a Fractional RF treatment which stimulates deep collagen production - http://mcmedgroup.co...kin-tightening/

The procedure took 20 minutes and Dr Patel gave me a pretty intensive course of Infini - apparently this was the most intensive course using Infini he has treated on a patient (me) to date. The first phrase was set at 2.5mm, Second phrase was set at 2mm, Third phrase was set at 1.5mm. The level of pain wasn't as bad as expected, however areas close to the check bone were more sensitive. After the treatment my skin was pretty red (reminded me of a smack of a plastic football to the face in the school yard!). Luckily enough whilst walking home in the cold November air through Hampstead Park it managed to soothe/cool the treated area within an hour. Its now 12hrs since my treatment and my skin is fine, not inflamed apart from a faint tingling sensation. I annoyingly planned to stayed indoors in case my face would look like a slapped arse, which wasn't case at all, so I missed out on a good Friday night out!! There seems to be very little downtime which is great, however tomorrow morning I might have an odd looking complection with no possible way of making a valid excuse!!!

Dr Patel really believes that Infini is a the Holy Grail for treating acne scarring and if this works for me I'll be delighted as I can't afford to take time off work for downtime after intensive laser treatment.

Below are some before and after pictures, please also note I recently had 2 courses of Subcision and TCA cross to flatten my skin in preparation for undertaking Infini:

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Video Link on Infini