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In Topic: My Attempt To Diminish The Temple Demons

14 January 2015 - 04:35 PM

HI templeofdoom


I hope you're well. 


How is your skin looking now since your last treatment? 

In Topic: My Attempt To Diminish The Temple Demons

30 December 2014 - 05:21 PM

Interesting to hear that you've had below average results from Infini...... I would complain about this as you've just spent chunk of cash on something which didn't work, you should get a slight discount on your next treatment. That money would have been better spent on Laser or Enerjet.  

In Topic: My Attempt To Diminish The Temple Demons

28 December 2014 - 03:02 AM

Hi templeofdoom


Just had a look at your before and after pics, Enerjet has really worked here for you! I can see a slight difference from your Infini treatment too, however you'll have to wait and see once the swelling declines. I think a course of laser might really help to even your outer layer of skin.... either way there's a huge improvement. From what I know, skin around the temple area is very tender, so you'll see great results in comparison to the cheek area. 

In Topic: My Infini Treatment For My Acne Scarring

26 December 2014 - 03:16 PM

HI templeofdoom 


I think Infini is more of an anti ageing solution, enerjet is a better option, however we all have different skin types so its impossible to tell if it works or not...... Its a expense of trailing these options which kills me, I have a wife and 2 yr old daughter to provide for which isn't cheap so £500 I need to think wisely about each treatment as £500 (average) a time adds up!! It really annoys me when I don't see results as that's money I can spend on my family.......


Regarding the comments we receive........ I actually never speak about my scars with my wife, I have a real complex about it and this website gives me some solitude to discuss with others who all suffer with the same issues....... 


I'd love to go through a really intense course of 2-3 treatments where I can improve my skin condition however I just can't spend the money all at once and I can't take 2 weeks out of work as I'm self employed. Hopefully some day there will be a treatment which will help us all, however Enerjet, Laser and/or Filler is the best options for now. 

In Topic: My Infini Treatment For My Acne Scarring

21 December 2014 - 09:28 AM

HI templeofdoom 


I had the infini treatment and I'm not sure if its aggressive enough to tackle your scars... I've had alot of work done from Fraxel Laser back in 2002 and some Derma Pen in 2009. I kinda didn't make any extra movements until I overheard an array of nasty comments about my scars, which promoted me to try and tackle them.....  I've received a number of treatments by Dr. Tapan Patel starting from Subcisson to TCA and then Infini (which didn't really impress me) I had Deep FX laser in 2013 and had Enerjet in March this year. I think Enerjet is actually every bit as good as Laser, so if I were you I'd get enerjet again or laser. 


For me to really achieve the best results,  I need another Laser on specific scars with a final dose of Enerjet and then FiIller...... but money isn't plentiful at the moment so I need to be sensible.  


Best of luck with your journey its certainly looking good on the improvement front.