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In Topic: Pityrosporum Folliculitis ?

11 June 2015 - 10:15 AM

Hi everyone.

I've been struggling with PF for about 10 years now after I battled glandular fever and was put on a ridiculous range of antibiotics over about a 6 week period. It's started off mild (pimples on my back that would never go away) but a year ago completely exploded over my chest, neck, inner thighs and even my feet after two round of steroids for my chronic sinusitis.

I was desperate for a solution that wasn't just temporary and was scouring the forums trying to get answers. In the end I stumbled upon an article that highlighted a link between PF and Candida Overgrowth so I did a lot more research and realised that what was the actual root of my PF was the candida fungus that had overgrown in my gut so badly it had penetrated the cell walls and tissues in my body and come through my skin. Consequently I researched every cure, tried all the wives tales and then resorted to a very strict candida diet for 3 months which involved me cutting out anything that the fungus feeds off (carbs, starch, wheat, vinegar, 98% of the sugar and dairy) in order to starve it and kill it.

I knew I couldn't do longer than that because I love my food but I had tried everything and this was my last hope. My PF flared up more for the first few weeks but after a month I noticed a bit of an improvement (less postules and less need to use my topical treatments) at the two month mark my skin was really showing signs of improvement and the PF on everywhere except my chest and neck had gone away. By 3 months I was 95% clear with only small spots and no puss. Through this whole period I was taking a probiotic a day which I'm absolutely convinced made a huge difference in helping my body clear out everything in my gut.

So I went back to my normal quite high carb diet (still on the probiotics though) scared that it would all come back. But the wonderful news is that it's been 6 weeks now and I am absolutely delighted to say my skin is now all clear everywhere on my body. Pimples under the skin on my face which I thought were just pimples have even gone which tells me I had PF pretty much all over and my chest is the clearest it has been in a decade.

If you are looking for a solution, you absolutely have to do it through diet. The topical treatments will never be able to clear up fungus that's internal and once it is in your cell walls, antifungals won't clear it up either.

I urge you if you are suffering with PF to Google 'Candida Overgrowth' find the strictest diet you can and stick to it for 3 months. It's 12 weeks of going without all the stuff you like eating for a life with CLEAR skin.

I wanted to comment on this thread because I remember feeling so hopeless and frustrated as I scoured the Internet for a solution and no one ever wrote a comment that said 'I fixed it' unless they were health obsessed and were controlling it by being on some super strict awful diet for life (which is impossible to maintain).

So please try a Candida Diet just for 3 months and you will be so thankful you did! It 100% worked for me and I had PF to varying degrees for 10 years.

Good Luck.

Interesting you went 3 months. I went to a herbalist and he told me just 6 weeks of just fruits and vegetables. I did it for 2 weeks and my skin was like a baby's again. The weight loss afterwards is too much though.

So, yes it is one's diet but it can come back from the times I've cheated and skipped a serving of vegetables or had some flatbread and pasta. I think what really made it come back were the almonds in some kashi cereal a friend let me have on a weekend trip. It;s weird though since I can drink Almond milk and never have signs, but when I eat raw or roasted almonds that are in put in a meal., it makes me break out.  Cashews are no problem.

  I agree the probiotics does help and cutting out refined and processed sugars is great

I've gotten rid of it by using Selsum Blue and will try Nizoral as well and don't live in humid climates (for sure) . Cold weather seems to keep it from coming even if you do cheat on food once in a while.

Oh, one time the derm gave me some ketaconozale tablets and those worked wonders but they said I cannot take it long term as it would really affect one's liver.

In Topic: Pityrosporum Folliculitis ?

29 April 2013 - 08:37 AM

I did it for 4 weeks. Just green veggies and organic meats. I splurged and had a gluten free organic pizza, some organic pumpkin, and gluten free, no GMO rice chips. wrong move!. those %^&$#ers came back in spots that were receding in 1 day. I was looking pretty clear.

So, I am back on the boring diet (no sugar, no salt (himalayan sea salt is OK), no fruit sugar (except lime or lemons), no starchy vegetables that turn into sugar and using selsun blue washes, topical peroxide splashes and vitamin e (topical).

What was your 1st experience with these?

I got about 100+ pustules over a 3 day period all over the upper trunk, face and scalp of body and we thought it was adult chickenpox. So, I applied vitamin e and aloe vera daily and it went away in a few months. Anyone else get something close to that effect? 


As of now 9 months later, it is just clusters below the mouth (around 5 or 6 tiny raised white pustules) and unhideable larger red spots (again 5 or 6 some with white heads) on my neck (these are fugly)


Uusing selsun blue (helps but don't leave on > 15 to 30 min or skin will discolor)

sing sulfur soap by grisi from CVS (it dries out the skin a lot)

Using tea tree oil soap,, (leave on to dry; it helped somewhat while on the diet)

using hydrogen peroxide splashes (helps somewhat with the small ones as they reduce in diameter)

100% EVCO - oral  (not sure how the caprylic acid helps besides make me go to bathroom hours later)

vitamin e (topically off and on; this seems to help but it takes time)


My culture was negative according to the head derm but he believes I have bacterial (or staph) folliculitis. So sugar  (even fruit and vegetable sugar) and breads can make it worse. Perfect. Now my typical healthy diet is over and I am on a highly restricted diet. This is not living not to mention all the stares I get at my neck while in the grocery line.

In Topic: Pityrosporum Folliculitis ?

03 April 2013 - 09:57 PM

I am using extra virgin coconut oil. so far no big difference. I had some guacomole & onions the other day and that was wrong. I got a flare up. I got rid of it for a month in mid December to January after seeing a chinese herbalist and taking some concocted drink for 10 days morning and night, (plus no fried foods or sugars), & maybe the b/c the weather was cold. I thoughtt I was cured until It came back with a vengeance when I had walnuts in a cake bread 1 month later. The banana bread was not the issue, it had to be the walnuts.

Anyway, I am going back to a full detox. No sugar, no breads, no carbs, no fruits, no gluten, no antibiotics. Certain fruits do become sugar inside of you so I am just doing raw veggies (broccoli, chinese peas, carrots, no potatoes or starches), lentil and vegetable soups, almond milk, extra virgin cocounut oil, teas, garlic, shelled fish b/c it has lots of zinc (shrimp, oysters, crab), oat bran (it is gluten free), green tea capsules, magnesium zinc suppements, and "no meat or protein unless I know it is not fed hormones or antibiotics". Otherwise, you are still taking antibiotics orally. So, no more feeding this p.o.s disease.


This is what I did to get rid of it 98% on my body, (chest, back, a couple on the arm and upper legs) along with some special herbs a chinese herbalist made that I took for 10 days. Now it has crept up on my neck and looks hideous and wants to get on my face but I apply bacitracin on it and it quickly disappears there but the neck is persistent and very noticeable.


Additionally, I am using selsun blue 1%, where can I get the 2.5% yellow?

I will get some more tea tree oil soap. Is this effective if I wash it off whiel showering, or should I leave it on after showering & let it dry?