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05 October 2012 - 11:46 AM

I totally agree with the poster above - I wanted to cure my acne with natural remedies (i.e.diet), but it simply didn't work.  However, dermatologists didn't help me either.

I never thought anything would get me clear, but I managed to get myself clear this year.  It's been about 8 months now, and there are no signs of my acne returning.

Daily, I use an oral birth control (Junel) to balance my hormones, and the acne.org regime.  I rarely have breakouts.  When I do, they are minor.  I'm grateful each morning to wake up and be able to think about things other than my face.  

I'm 25, but my skin got really bad a couple years back when I was your age.  I saw an "environmental" doctor because I wanted someone who would look at the whole picture, what's going on internally, not just superficially.  I did some blood and hormone tests with this doctor.  He wasn't able to help me, but my hormone tests did validate what I had suspected, that my acne was due to hormonal imbalance.  Your issue is most likely hormonal as well, so I wouldn't recommend spending the extra money or time on the tests.

Here are my tips for you:

- If you're not on birth control, give it a try.  I, like you, felt that my body was sick even though I had healthy habits.  I see birth control as medicine to control my problem - hormonal imbalance.

- Try the regime.  I was skeptical that any topical treatments could help me.  The first 3-4 months were kinda awkward, but I would visit acne.org and read the success stories to keep me motivated to continue.  Every couple of days, I take a long hot shower and slough off dead skin after washing just by rubbing my face with the palms of my hands (no exfoliator).

- Avoid caffeine, sugar, and wheat.  Coffee definitely aggravates my skin, but I can drink decaf.  I basically eat whatever I want now, but when I O.D. on sugar or wheat, I'll usually pay for it a few days later.

- Take photos.  It's really gratifying to see your progress.  It took months to get clear, but it truly changed my life for the best.

Good luck girl.  Set out on a path, stick with it, and stay positive by focusing on solutions.  I got into meditation during this process, which helped reduce my stress and get beyond myself.  You'll get there.